Avoid the 5 Biggest Lies that Stop Your Success Cold!

Liz Pabon

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They say that “everybody's a critic, " and that never seems truer than when you're pursuing a dream. There are always those well-meaning people who want to protect you from your “fantasies” making comments like:

  • “That will NEVER work?
  • “There’s no money in that!”
  • “Who do you think you are?”

Do you have anyone like that in your life? Or, are you the critic in your life?

Critics (both internal and external) surround you daily and can stop you dead in your tracks from achieving the success you were meant to achieve – if you let them. Every million-dollar entrepreneur and success guru, past and present, has been faced with the critic at one time or anothe. Each and every one of them ignored the critics lies and achieved their goals despite the negative input and you can too!

Here are the top five lies and how to squash them to move your success quotient forward:

  1. The timing is wrong. How many times have you talked with a prospective client and had them agree that your product or service sound fantastic – exactly what they need - but they’re “just not ready yet. ” Don’t let someone else’s fear of moving forward stop you from being and doing all that you can in life.

    Success tip: Although the timing is wrong, for them, create a consistent follow-up system and keep that prospect in your pipeline. When they are ready, you’ll be their top of mind choice.

  2. Why don't you get a 9-to-5 job? I’ve often been asked why people just don’t “get it” the way we do - us entrepreneurs that have a dream of independence, freedom, creating a lifestyle that is on our terms. There are just too many reasons “why” in some circles the entrepreneurial dream is too risky. Ultimately, it boils down to fear. Instead of being discouraged by the lack of courage on the part of others about entrepreneurship, you have the opportunity to lead by example.

    Success tip: Surround yourself with like-minded people who can lift you up when those closest to you can’t, or won’t. Create the support systems you need to keep you pressing towards your dreams. Who knows, you might inspire someone to do the same ;O)

  3. It'll never work! When the people closest to you put the fear of failure, or success, into you it’s very easy to be afraid that they’re right! Consider this, what if THEY are wrong and YOU are right?!

    Success tip: If the person giving you advice isn’t at least twice as successful as you, why listen?

  4. You don't have enough talent. I often encounter solo professionals who fear they don’t have enough credential to walk tall in their field of interest. While there is no substitute for good training and education, we each have unique talents, abilities, and accomplishments to be proud of.

    Success tip: There is much to be said about life experience. We like to learn, and be inspired by, people that have “walked in our shoes. ” No matter what path you’ve taken in life, surviving the journey IS a talent.

  5. Don't even try you'll just be disappointed. Wouldn’t you be disappointed if you never tried? The bottom line is that YOU hold the key that unlocks the door to your success.

    Success tip: You loose absolutely nothing by trying. Failing to try, and living in a world of “what if” is the greatest loss. Wild success can’t happen without you so stay in the game!

The venom of the critic merely reflects their limitations - not yours. There is nothing unrealistic about a dream that aligns with your purpose, ignites your passion, and inspires you to plan and persevere until you reach it. What’s unrealistic is to expect a person with such drive and commitment not to succeed.

About the author: Liz Pabon, “The Branding Maven, ” is inspiring, motivating and empowering - but most importantly, she’s effective. A speaker and author on the topic of personal branding, Liz delivers insights and principles that are proven to achieve WILD SUCCESS. Liz publishes the weekly Keys 2 Wild Success! ezine. If you're ready to ATTRACT amazing clients, set yourself APART from the pack, make a lot more MONEY, and have a lot more FUN in your small business, get Liz’s FREE WEEKLY TIPS by going NOW to http://www.thebrandingmaven.com !


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