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John Gilmore

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In our previous articles we spoke about three of the Four Forces. We spoke about centripetal force, the movement of the attention inward, centrifugal force, the movement of the attention outward, gravity, the movement of the attention downward. Lastly we will discuss the fourth force, electro-magnetic energy.

The fourth force is found at the top of the vertical line. If we look at these forces like a cross, we can see two forces on the horizontal bar, which represent our lives in the physical realm, and two on the vertical bar which represent our lives on the spiritual plane. Electro-magnetism would be similar to the idea of ascension.

When one is being fully effected by gravity and looking up at his relationships with other people and with himself, and feeling a break in that relationship, he comes to a realization, eventually. He begins to understand that he is more than the relationship. He is more than the break in the relationship.

She begins to see everything in a more holistic e way and realizes that she is part of something greater. She is part of a grand universe and all of the powers in that universe are moving her toward being something much greater. She realizes that all of the relationships and breaks in the relationships, even the problems that she draws to herself sometimes because of maladaptive behavior are there to help her grow. The experiences are there to mover her to be who and what she really is on the grander scale. They are there to help her remember her divine self.

The universe is still being created. Year after year stars are dying and other ones are being born. Out of the death of planets dust is being gathered to create more planets and more suns. The universe is not a dead object, where things are just bouncing off of each other. The universe has a living quality to it, and when we realize that we are not separate from the universe, but part of it, we can also say that the universe has life and intelligence.

Scientists of this century and the last one began to realize that the universe and everything in it was made of energy, or electro-magnetic forces. Some energy moved fast, some moved slow. The only difference between a solid and non-solid object was how fast the energy packets were moving. Those who ascend to electro-magnetic forces have the same realization. They realize that they are actually whole complete individuals living in a world that demands that they limit themselves. They realize that God and the universe isn’t trying to destroy them, but is working to polish them like a mirror, or purify them like gold. They realize that everything is going to be all right and that they are ultimately at peace.

They move in a loop on the vertical bar up and down in figure eights, passing through the center as they deal with observations of gravity by transforming any negativity they may be experiencing into positivity with every loop. This can be compared to death, descending to the underworld, and then being resurrected and rising to the heavens. The vertical plane of the Four Forces remind us, like religions from days of old, that the growth process can be explained in the death and resurrection story. As we grow, old thoughts and behaviors die. The loss of these thoughts and behavior can be painful, if we have come to love them, but if they are incorrect, they must go. They must die. And then we are resurrected as we move upward, to the heavens, to reclaim our true, divine nature and identity.

We move up and down on the vertical bar until we are ready, and then we reenter the world on the horizontal bar moving back and forth from one side to the other. As this continues hour after hour, day after day, year after year, we find that we aren’t making the swings as large as we did at first. We are moving in smaller and smaller loops, until, ultimately, we end up at the point at the center. When we arrive at the point a the center of these two crossed lines, we are at a point of singularity and wholeness. We have arrived at what one might call enlightenment, or salvation. We can then go on to help others arrive at this point, or to just live lives of joy that benefit all of those that our lives touch.

This article is the last of four articles that are a brief overview of the Four Forces. There is a lot more written about the Four Forces, and the many feelings and emotions associated with each one; so many that we can not fully explain them here. I hope these articles on the Four Forces, or the Four Paths of Creation Spirituality, can be a guide for you. Perhaps you can look at them and see your life and see how it fits into these various models of understanding the world. You can then work to remain at peace during the times of discomfort and letting go.

If you would like to read more articles like this one, please check this ezine for more, or our Free Spirituality Journal at There you will find a free journal and suggestions on books that you can read that help to free the human soul and to lead us to a better life here as well as in the great beyond. There is also a link to some free cyber courses and a free cyber service know as The Circle. We look forward, perhaps, to meeting you there.

Dr. John W. Gilmore, is a writer, martial arts instructor, spiritual coach, and certified in various healing modalities. Dr. Gilmore received his D. in spirituality at University of Creation Spirituality, now Wisdom University, in Oakland, CA. Doctor Gilmore has written many books on spirituality, spiritual development, and science fiction and fantasy books that take a deep look into the meaning of life. You can find out more about them at . His newest books are: Reclaiming the Religion of Jesus in a Modern Age, and the Chronicles of Kera I, II, III.

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