Stress Management: Problem or Challenge, How You View It Decides How You Will Manage Your Stress

Jeff Herring

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Stress management has a lot to do with how you look at a situation.

Do you know the difference between a problem and a challenge? It's all in the view you decide to take.

This notion occurred to me as I overheard an announcement just a few minutes ago. I'm in Atlanta this weekend staying at a hotel. While I was done getting my portion of the breakfast that comes with my stay, a bus driver for a group of people came in and said: “Don't anybody get on the bus just yet, we've got a problem. " Groans all around.

Do you have a problem or a challenge?

Whether you view a situation as a problem or a challenge does not make the situation go away. What your view does influence is your attitude and the actions you take.

Years ago in college, our college church group went on a ski trip to the mountains. One of the girls in our group was dating a guy that thought that church was terribly boring and none of the people there could possibly ever have any fun. It was clear that he was along for the ride only because of his girlfriend.

On the trip we found ourselves in a situation one morning where we had to put snow chains on the tires of our church van. On our church van from Florida, when it was about 8 degrees outside. Of the six guys involved in this challenge, I was the only one that had any experience with snow chains, and that was back when I was a kid.

Just to paint the picture a little clearer, you just about have to take off your gloves to manage snow chains.

The six of us, in typical fashion, we had a blast doing this, talking in “Monty Python" voices, kidding around, and having fun while getting an unpleasant job done.

I found out later that this seemingly small event greatly influenced this one guy. If I remember correctly, his girlfriend said his words were “I couldn't believe those guys handled a real pain in the butt situation with so much fun. "

Problems or challenges, which one will it be for you?

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Easily Manage Your Stress and Avoid Unpleasant Stress Hives
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