Dreams: Who We Meet and Our Connection

George Lockett

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You were dreaming and you met someone very special; you felt connected on so many different levels. Even after the dream, you continue to feel this connection; what is going on here?

When you drift into the dream state, your awareness transcends your physical body and you become aware of your core spiritual energy. You realize that you are no longer limited to your physical body and you can drift between dimensions.

In this state, you have the ability to either view or create your experience, without limit. Often in dreams, we meet our soul mate – a friend who, when we meet them we just know we have known them for many lifetimes.

Dreams take place in a timeless place, where all the different dimensions of past lives, the animal and plant kingdoms come together, in the meeting point of your conscious awareness, while dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is a wonderful experience. In this particular dream it is interesting that your friend appeared again, just at the time you decided to let them go. I would say the act of putting your attention on them, drew them back to you again.

Have you experienced taking charge of your dream?

Next time you find yourself dreaming lucidly, think your favourite thought, or think of your soul mate and allow their presence to come around you. Use your imagination to create beautiful scenes or fly off to distant dimensions to work on a special project.

You say the presence of your soul mate is always with you and feels a part of you. This is because in reality, we are all one. We are all a part of the Universal Life Force of the creator God.

There is only one thing in the Universe, which is Energy; and, as energy cannot be created or destroyed, we are all eternal beings. Yes, we do change form, as we shed one body and take on a new one, lifetime after lifetime; but our spiritual energy is eternal and connected to the Oneness energy of the Universal Life Force.

Is your soul mate connected with you?

Yes, I am sure he is – on many levels and in many dimensions. You are intimately connected and when his presence comes around, it can take your breath away and you feel as though you share the same eyes.

His spiritual energy is so subtle it can occupy the same space as yours. He could be your soul mate, he could be your guide or he could have brought you a timely message to help you on the Earth Plane with your life.

Remember you always have a choice. Your spiritual helpers only draw near with your consent. You are in control; know your own heart's desire and use your imagination to help you fulfil your dreams on the Earth Plane in physical form as well.

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