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Goal setting is an important way to decide what is important in your life. When you set goals you prioritize your life. When you discover you are spending time and energy on someone of something that does not lead to your goals, you permit your self to change. Setting goals help you throw out insignificant actions and helps you focus on those actions that propel you toward your stated desire.

To set realistic goals is important but the word impossible should not be in your vocabulary. You can do, be and achieve anything that you want. When your deciding on what you want for your life.

That first step to achieving what you want in life is to identify it. This sound simple but you might want to use visual imagery to imagine your life with the man of your dreams, or living in that beautiful house on the hill with the pool, etc. Imagine the vacation that you want to take. Within your mind you must be in possession of this “thing" or you must imagine the person in vivid detail. Swim in the pool and feel the water cascading over the body.

Have a conversation with your new husband on the day of your wedding. See the cake, taste if you like. Fell the material of your wedding dress. Your new red Testerosa Is in your driveway just waiting for you to get in. You can smell the leather, you can feel the rich leather on your back.

If you use visual imagery to imagine what your life will be once you attain the goal and after this experience you are happy and have a feeling of completion and joy. Then you are ready to write that desire down on paper. your project the picture of your life as having acquired The thing that you desire is now a goal.

Once you write down the goal, something happens in your mind. You feel a sense of relief. It does not matter how silly or intense the goal is once you write it down your mind starts finding ways for you to achieve what you want.

Then you can decide how to reach the goal. You Must have a plan of action written down on paper That you refer to on a daily basis to get to where You want to go. The plan that you write down will motivate you to achieve your desires

The plan will activate your senses and everyday You will add to your action plan to get to that goal. Your goals may change overtime. Adjust your goals and your timetable as you achieve each goal. Read your goals aloud twice per day until these words become part of your reality.

"Every person who understands the purpose of money wants it. Wishing for money will not bring riches. But desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to acquire riches" and backing those plans with persistence which does not recognize failure will bring Riches”…. Think & Grow Rich… Napoleon Hill.

Substitute your goal for the word money. Continue Toward your goal with the same passion and intensity That is described. You can not lose because you have identified your goal. You have a plan. You work toward Your plan continuously until you have exactly what you want. from life.

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The Power of the Pen A Goal Setting Strategy For Business Growth Success!
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The Power of the Pen A Goal Setting Strategy For Business Growth Success!

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