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The other day I was out walking with my partner. I have been trying to lose weight. Each day I try to increase the distance and length of time I walk. Attempting to muster the strength to go farther on one occasion, I started repeating to myself the words from the Eagles song, “Take it to the limit one more time". As I repeated those words, I was infused with the strength to increase my distance.

It was then I understood those powerful words could be used for motivation in the pursuit of my online business goals. When I find myself getting discouraged, anxious about my expectations, I sing to myself repeating “Take it to limit one more time".

You see, many times, we fail to recognize how close we are to success and the culmination of a particular objective. Sadly, we tend to give up or give out. Often the finish line was just one more grunt away.

Success stories expound on how the desired prosperity came just when it seemed the bleakest. Most say they were ready to throw in the towel. But something inside told them just a little more effort. Just a little more time. Just a little more struggling. These individuals found motivation, they found something to a way to keep going. Something impelled them to “Take it to the limit one more time’. And you and I can do the same.

It is by mustering all the energizing forces we've got when things look the bleakest that we succeed. We exert, and we try and try again, we may even cry in agony. The bills pile up, and you by another worthless program. Your family is dissilusioned. They want you to get a normal JOB.

You know it is out there, you see other's reaching their pinnacle. Success dangles it's pretty face in front of you and it seems it is just out of your reach.

Remember this fact. It is not out of your reach. Did you get that? It is attainable. You can reach your goals. Remind yourself to push on, keep learning. Just keep working, keep on grunting. Do whatever it takes. Just do it! Do it with diligence, do it with perspiration, do it with faith in yourself and the universe to provide the strength and resources. Forge ahead when every fiber says your tired. Push yourself to the limit and you will find your ‘pot of gold’ Just do not give up.

We all have shortcomings to overcome in our path to success. For some of us it may be our faculties, our physical stamina, or lack of education. Still others may lack resources.

The great inventor Thomas Edison had his share of shortcomings. In his youth he was referred to by his schoolmaster as being addled (Confused and vague; used especially of thinking). Yet Thomas Edison was responsible for over one thousand inventions. It was Thomas Edison that made the famous statement, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. "

No matter what appears to stand in your way it is an illusion. A mirage if you will. It can only prevent your success if you make the illusion real. Focus on your goals, forge ahead with determination and ‘Take it to the Limit one more time’. No doubt, you are only steps away from the success you desire.

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The Importance of Limit Orders
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