Goal Setting Success - 10 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life


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These ten affirmations, actions and activities can dramatically change your future. The more consistently you apply them, the faster you will change your circumstances. Review them every day until they become part of your routine. The first three deal directly with opening your Reticular Activating System so that you will become aware of the opportunities that are all around you.

1. I take responsibility for my life. After today, the future is my responsibility and no one else's. [My Reticular Activating System only opens up if it knows I am RESPONSIBLE for the outcome. ]

2. I have CLEAR, SPECIFIC, VIVID, EMOTIONAL, MEASURABLE goals. [So my Reticular Activating System knows what is IMPORTANT and what I need to be aware of to achieve my goal. ]

3. I do my affirmations often to create my “new reality", my new version of “the truth. ” I practice my future perfectly! [My subconscious mind thinks my imagination is just as “real" as my experiences. This is how I create my new version of the “truth" against which my Reticular Activating System will assess what I need to be aware of in order to achieve my goals. ]

4. I control my self-talk and change my thinking to support my goals and affirmations. [Whatever I spend the most time thinking about, I gravitate toward. ]

5. I have 90-day activity plans that define what the activities I must be doing and that move me toward my goals. [And I review them at least every 30 days!]

6. I have an “ideal" weekly calendar created from my activity plans to assure that it is possible to achieve my goals with the time/commitments that I have.

7. Each week I fill out my Day-Timer from my “ideal" calendar. I get all the specifics on there. Because it’s on my schedule, I make time to do it.

8. I continuously monitor and measure my activities to assure that I am on track toward my goals. [I have consistently scheduled planning time]

9. I have a support group (or person) who helps me grow and move forward and who helps me find my “blind spots" so that I can fix them.

10. I am accountable to someone who is supportive of my goals and whom I respect. I tell them what my activities should be, I allow them to ask me if I have done them and I allow them to critique my results.

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Mathematician, Aerospace Engineer, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Management Consultant, Author, Professional Speaker and creator of multiple training curriculum. Rick Seymour understands and relates to a wide variety of both private and public organizations and the people that make them up. He has consulted most of the Fortune 100 companies.

Rick is called the “velvet hammer". He teaches powerful ideas and concepts in a way that people readily accept their need to change and grow. Rick believes that “If behavior doesn't change - it isn't training!”

Rick’s Training Expertise:

Self-Motivation and Goal Setting
Wellness and Sports Nutrition
High-Integrity Sales / Permission Marketing
Communication & People Skills for ‘Techies’
Effective Team Building / How To Lead A Team
Succeeding As A First-Time Manager
Professional Supervisory Skills

For additional resources go to: http://www.godinyourgoals.com


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