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Lisa Hayes

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Most of us find it easy to pray when things are in the rough. However, often times when things are going really well, our prayer practice suffers. Part of this is because we haven’t established a strong enough connection with the Divine to make it a part of our daily routine. Part of it is because subconsciously we are programmed not to ask for too much. However, the universe is an expansive place. The Divine loves to give and wants to have as many opportunities to shower us with blessings as are imaginable. Let me tell you, Divine, given the chance, can imagine ways to please us that we can’t!

When things are going somewhat to your liking, the prayer should be, “thank you – more please!”

When things are pretty darn good, the prayer should be, “thank you – more please!”

When things are out of this world unbelievably good, the prayer should be, “thank you – more please!”

Developing a habit of asking for more does a couple of things. First of all it gets you focused on the good stuff. You start looking at your life, looking at what you like, and seeking out things to ask for more of. That is a very powerful place to be. You become a very powerful creator in a positive way when you are focusing on getting more of what you want. MORE is BETTER.

Secondly, this practice keeps you in communication with the Source or the Divine. Keeping those lines of communication open is key to developing a solid relationship. This gives you an opportunity to build on your relationship in good times and bad. It provides an opportunity for further spiritual growth because the divine gets constant feedback on your likes. It’s a nice little way of getting to know you. “Thank you- more please!”, is a way more pleasant to hear then constant drones of complaints and whining. The Divine really likes the opportunity to please rather then have to fix.

So, look around and see what you’ve got that you want more of. More friendship? More family? More checks in the mail??

Don’t be shy! Just ask.

Lisa Hayes is a mind, body, soul, practitioner who views the person as a whole - with meditation for the mind, yoga for the body, and as an ordained minister, for the soul, Lisa works with women to help them achieve peace and bliss in the chaos of their every day lives. Lisa is also a partner in an independent technology firm and is a single mother of a teenage boy, so she understands chaos. Chaos is a part of everyday life. It is a part of the contrast of life that makes the zen seem so much more precious.

Lisa began the pursuit of the healing arts more then fifteen years ago when she completed her degree in natural health and nutrition. She continued that path as a yoga and meditation instructor before becoming a life coach. Lisa believes that zen is our basic nature. All we have to do is release it. She has dedicated herself to assisting women in finding whatever tools work best for them individually to become their most blissful and beautiful selves.

To contact Lisa email her at or call her at 360-490-1411


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