What's Love Got to Do With It?

Christopher Walker

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At work?

Find me a soul, who loves what they do and I’ll find you a happy being. Find me a soul who love their work and I’ll find you a person whose doing the best they can. Find me a heart that flies at the thought of another day doing what they do. And I’ll find you a saint, a master, a lama, a person who is true to their cause.

At home?

Find me the home where incompetence is great, find me the home where there’s a welcome debate, find me a home where there’s kindness although harsh, and I’ll find you the love of the sun. Find me the family who knows how to laugh at the honesty of a major mistake. Find me the people who know love more than grades and I’ll show you a real dad and mum.

Between lovers?

Find me the lover who has a picture in their mind of tomorrow the next and the next, and I’ll find the expectations that kill all the dreams that nature intended to come. You can’t find a real lover with their alter worshiping a God. Love is the god, and the alter is their partner, this is how two become one. You can’t find me a lover who worships the guru, they’ve never learned to trust what’s real. Find me the lover, with the marks of their lover, and I’ll show you divine love there at one.

Show me the lovers whose humility shines, where independence is completely a myth, and I’ll show you the beauty, the magic the love, that comes when two souls are at one.

What’s love got to do with it? Everything. A broken heart, that’s nothing to do with love. A broken heart is the lack of it.

Live with Spirit

About the Author:

Chris Walker is a world leading change agent, an environmentalist and author of more than 20 books . Born and bred in Australia, he consults to people and organisations throughout the world on improved relationships, health and lifestyle through the application of the Universal laws of Nature. The result he offers is that we stay balanced, share loving relationships, work with passion, enjoy success, and live our personal truth. To learn more about Chris’s work and journeys to Nepal, visit http://www.innerwealth.com

Chris Walker is a very naughty boy. . . .


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