Why Am I Happier Than You?

Terry Vermeylen

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I've been forever searching on how to live an exalted, balanced, joyful and contented life. I'm not sure what drives me, perhaps it’s the couple of incredible difficulties I've overcome yet remained slightly scarred from. Maybe it's the fact that I'm half Chinese, adopted by a first generation Belgium father, Russian mother and I live in Canada whose culture closely resembles the good old USA except our leaders aren’t Bush or Paris.

Maybe it’s the fact that we human beings are ruining the environment, or that we live in a culture of consumerism and spiralling debt.

I have a library of books at my disposal, ready to spew thousands of philosophical, self-help, business and cracker pot theories. I have even build up my own website where lots of people have paid me for the tools and information I provide. Yet I continue to search. It's almost silly, all this searching.

My biggest discovery is that my happiness is all in my head. My second biggest discovery is that I can be friends and love the complete me, warts and all. The third discovery is that nothing on this planet is permanent.

My happiness lies in my head. All squished up in there are emotions, feelings, perception, attitude and my very own version of reality. So if I embrace an optimistic attitude and jump out of bed, hug the family (including the pets) that is a fine start to a morning and most likely the day itself. How I think, governs how happy, content or joyful I will be. It really is that simple.

I am human and the more I accept that, the better life gets. All humans get frustrated, angry or sad, including the Dali Lama and Oprah. So becoming true friends with the world and myself, means accepting my warts and not always trying to change them. Love, kindness and acceptance towards myself are the greatness gift to myself and will radiate out to the rest of the world.

Life isn't permanent. It will eventually end for everything including the grass, trees, and animals including you. Once you are born don't you immediately start dying? Life is fleeting. Life is precious. Use it well.

What are my three biggest discoveries?

My happiness lies in my own head.

Being loving and kind to myself is my own greatest gift.

Life isn't permanent.
Life is fleeting.
Use it well.

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Terry Vermeylen is one of those rare people that is passionately driven to help others unlock their own barriers toward fulfillment, meaning and purpose. He is the founder of http://www.mylifechanges.com/ , an Internet value identification and goal setting enterprise. His primary passion is wealth building using common sense.


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How To Be Happier - 7 Steps To Contentment
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