Have You Been Dealt a Bad Deck of Life Cards?

Lesley Moore

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Sick of these life cards you’ve been dealt? Convinced someone was out to get you when they gave these out? Every morning is the same old thing, with the same routines?

Perhaps there is nothing wrong with your cards, but they’re just not fit for you? Or…perhaps you have the perfect hand, but just don’t know how to play the cards.

This occurred to me recently when visiting with my nephews who are entering an exciting time in their life: learning to drive. After experiencing a trip around the block in their grandfather’s new Lexus, their excitement seemed to fill the room. You could feel the passion they felt as they thought about the keys, the freedom, the transition into being an adult and the yearning for a sense of control in their life.

Didn’t we still crave that at times? Isn’t that what we dread most about these old cards? That we feel stuck with them, forgetting that this is what we chose?

It wasn’t only about the car, though, as my nephews continued to ask their Poppy about his daily rituals. I had heard these rituals a million times before and knew he was a lawyer by trade, but not by passion. I knew that his real passions were his nights over his stained glass lamps and his weekends spent in a spectacular garden. None-the-less, my nephews listened intently to his words until finally one chimed in.

“You must be so excited to get up in the morning! To know you’re going to get in that car, drive to your favorite bagel place and then go to work as a lawyer! That’s so awesome!”

His enthusiasm was so contagious, we all felt excited about this life our Poppy had. Wow, he was lucky, wasn’t he?

Even my dad, on the verge of retirement, was smiling proudly about his fabulous life. Suddenly, in the words of a 15 year old, he had all the lucky cards.

It’s a story to remember the next time you moan about your life cards. It’s true that you may have some cards that need to be traded in, but before you trade them in, sit back and think about who you can lend them to for a while. Be choosy, though and think about someone who could play them differently. Find someone excited about their life and what lies ahead. Share your cards in length and see what kind of reaction you get. You may be surprised to see that someone else’s excitement creates a whole new look for those life cards. Maybe it’s not time to turn them in at all, but start playing the hand you have a little differently.

Lesley Moore is President and Owner of LifeScope, Life and Executive Coaching. She specializes in working with individuals in transition, empowering them to create a life they love and with professionals to help them bridge the gap between expectation and performance. She is a Freelance Writer and co-author of: 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. Lesley graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Journalism and has studied coaching through the Mentor Coach Program, which is recognized by the International Coach Federation. For more information about Life and Executive Coaching, visit her website at http://www.LifeScopeCoach.com or e-mail her at lessmore4@comcast.net .


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