The Magic of Life, It's All Done With Mirrors


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As we continue to learn about the Law of Attraction, we begin to understand that the Universe is always responding to our desires and that we are constantly sending out signals with our thoughts, words and deeds; energetic messages about what we wish to experience. It is a wonder-full experience to learn about this Universal Law and discover ways to consciously practice the art of deliberate creation.

The other side of this realization is that you realize what you are currently experiencing in your life. A positive desire or a negative desire is also a manifestation of the Universal Law of attraction. The question then becomes, “Have you been consciously and purposely attracting what you want to experience, or have you unconsciously been attracting more of what you don’t want?" So, right now, look around and take a serious look at your world. Do you see more of what you want or more of what you don’t want?

Who are the people in your life? Do they represent the kind of people you want to share your life with? Do you have a great relationship with the significant people in your life? How about your co-workers? Do you have good relationships with them? Look at the career situation. Does it reflect the position you dream about? Does it offer you a place where you can share your skills and talent and creative expression?

Next, take a look at your home. It is a reflection of you. Now take an objective look at your living space- view it through the eyes of a detective. What is the first impression you have about the person who lives here? Are they warm or cold; is the energy that is flowing throughout the house open or closed? Is the person who lives there focused or scattered? Look at the outside of your home. It is tidy and flourishing or in total disarray and disrepair? Here is another excellent question: how does the inside and outside of your house reflect your body? It is overstuffed and full or is it attractive and well groomed?

Life on the outside is a clear reflection of your life on the inside. If your life is not how you envision it to be, the answer lies not in moving, changing jobs or changing partners. The answer lies in cause and effect. The outside is the effect while the inside, your thoughts, are the cause. To change the effect you see on the outside, you must first change the cause, or what you are thinking on the inside.

Look at your life as a mirror. That’s the “magic" of life—it’s all done with mirrors! If you want to change the reflection you see, begin today by changing how you are thinking.

Sharon Marquart is a gifted Certified Personal Coach, inspirational speaker and author. For more than 13 years she has share with audiences large and small. She is the author of “Working For God, " “Living With Soulful Purpose, " and “Creating A Wedding Ministry. " Her latest e-book, “9 Steps to a Happier Healthier You" is now available at . Her coaching practice is Living at YES!(You Embracing Spirit) where she passionately supports clients in identifying mistaken beliefs and self-limiting thoughts. She coaches them in getting unstuck, setting intentions and living possibilities! Sharon teaches via tele-classes and facilitates tele-groups and e-courses. Her coaching clients are nationwide. Sharon is committed to bringing Metaphysical and Spiritual Truths into everyday language and applying them to everyday life experiences. Sharon is the Director of Spiritual Coaching at the Coaching Academy of North America


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Working With Passion: How to Incorporate More Magic into Your Work and Life
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