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Of all the articles I have written, the vast majority are concerning self help. Whether relationships, self help, or spirituality, they all give the same message. People have to start liking themselves again before anything in this world can be changed. If people liked themselves, they would not focus on the negativity around them and therefore not spread it to others.

I want everyone to know that the Higher Powers are very much aware of what is happening on this planet, and they are very concerned. I am not their Messenger, but I can give part of the message. I have already written articles concerning the part I am allowed to give. In case anyone missed them, here is a very brief summary.

Everyone is a child of God. There are no differences between us. We all basically have the same DNA. Our skin colors might differ, or we might speak different languages, or have different names for our Maker, but we are all the same. Anyone that points out these minor differences is spreading hatred and distrust. Hatred and distrust come from the Dark One. If someone is spreading these two, know from whom they speak. It is not coming from the Light.

We, each and every one of us, are responsible for our neighbors and their children. Our neighbors do not necessarily live next door to us. We are one people. Our neighbors can live on the other side of the world, but they are still our neighbors.

Children are our most precious gift. Without children, our species would die out. Our children, all of our children - in every country on this planet - must be nourished and protected. If a parent leaves the child because of death, then it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of that child. If a parent leaves that child but is still on this planet, the parent must make sure the child is nourished, loved, and protected. If the parent shirks that responsibility, then - to quote what I was told - that parent is an infidel.

I asked about pedophiles. Personally - if I wrote what I think should be done to them, this would never be accepted for publication. I was told two things. The first was that the Great Spirit weeps for what is being done to the victims. The second was that pedophiles should be in a special place and counseled as most pedophiles were abused themselves. It is not my place to question what I am told. It is not my place to ask why hasn’t the Great One stopped this from occurring. Even though it is not my place to ask - I was given the answer.

If God stops pedophiles, then we will ask - why hasn’t He stopped child *** , or sweat shops, or wars, etc. It is our responsibility to stop these things. If a parent constantly cleans up after a child, the child learns nothing and will expect the parent to always do it. We are the children. We cannot expect the Great One to clean up the messes we allowed to be created.

Marriage is a sacred vow before our Maker. There are only two reasons for divorce in the eyes of Heaven. The first is abuse. No one has the right to abuse another person. The second reason is infidelity. The vows taken are sacred. They are not to be taken lightly. If a married person, or a person in a committed relationship is messing around with another, then they broke the pledge given to God. Anyone who becomes involved with a committed person has also broken that vow and Heaven does not take this lightly. Thou shall not Covet is a very serious Commandment. It also means coveting someone in a committed relationship.

Bearing false witness, or lying not only means lying about someone else, but also lying to yourself. Lying to yourself means you know you are breaking the Laws, and just trying to find an excuse for your actions.

Thou Shall Not Kill is one that soldiers have a problem with. To take another life is a very serious offense, but, if that other life is taken to protect family, it is forgiven. A war is sanctioned if it is to free abused people. World War Two is a very good example of a sanctioned war. If soldiers are being told the war is to free innocent people, then the soldiers are forgiven in the eyes of Heaven. If the soldiers were lied to regarding the reason for the war, the solders are still forgiven, but the people that lied to them are not and must face the consequences.

People cannot go to church (or temple or mosque) one day and spread hatred and distrust the other six days of the week. They cannot go to church and then take advantage of others for the rest of the week. They cannot go to church and ask to be forgiven of their sins if they continue to commit the same sins after asking to be absolved of them. They might as well stay home. We will all have to answer for what we personally have done. If we have spread positive energy and Light, then we will bask in the glow of Love. If we have spread discord, we will have to face the consequences, whether here, or when we pass over to the next plane.



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Everyone Has Psychic Powers! What They Are and Where They Are From
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