For The Love Of God, Shut Up!


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After meditating last night, I came out in a strange place of clarity, which carried with me until going to sleep. My wife kept asking what was wrong, and if I was angry.

I didn't know how to reply. I didn't want to speak. For the first time in a few months, I experentially remembered the power of silence, the power of just shutting up.

We talk about things that don't need to be talked about. We state the obvious, we restate the obvious, and we talk in circles about our worries and problems, as well as others’ worries and problems.

We deem ourselves experts on everyone else's business.

The destructive power this holds over our lives is almost unfathomable. The word is our creative outlet between nonphysical and physical reality. When we use it without care, we are harming ourselves. We are practicing black magic upon our own lives.

When we speak of our troubles, we cause a faster creation of more troubles. When we speak redundantly, we create redundancy. When we state the obvious, we create a new wall of the obvious.

In order to break free of your current struggles and regain your potential as a creator, you must first learn to limit your speech. Start out easy - don't badmouth anyone, don't badmouth yourself, and certainly don't talk about the bad things in your life anymore than is necessary when arranging solutions.

Work your way down to not stating things that don't need stating, and finally, find a place of silence in your life. Pick five minutes either in the morning or at night, when you're not terribly sleepy, but not fully in your active daily mode. Just sit still, close your eyes, and be aware of the darkness behind your eyelids.

The first thing you may notice if you do not meditate, is that you will think this is stupid. You will think this is a waste of time. Then you will think about what you're about to do afterwards. You will think that maybe this won't add value to your existence. You may think, what in god's name am I doing? You will think all kinds of things.

Shut up.

Each time any of these thoughts comes into your mind, notice it, and then go back to noticing the darkness behind your eyelids. This may seem difficult at first, but this isn't a contest. Nobody is judging you or saying you are wrong. If you get absorbed in a thought for several minutes, just stop as soon as you realize it. Don't judge yourself, don't think you “messed up". This is all part of everyone's beginning meditation process.

Eventually you will find that you are able to sit quietly and enjoy it, to feel your body, notice your breath, see the darkness, and hear the sounds around you. This heightens your physical senses and enables a connection between yourself and your higher self, or your guardian angel, or god, or whatever you want to call it.

This is the state in which inspired thoughts come, in which answers to your questions and problems may be easily discovered, because they are given to you - it is not your job to figure everything out! When you present a question, the universe presents an answer.

If your mind is noisy, you will never hear it.

Let me state that again: If your mind is noisy, you will never hear it!!!

So for the love of God, for the love of yourself, and for the love of all the universe, just shut up!

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