People Who Pester You

Maria Moratto

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Q: What do you do with people who require blessings every day?

A: You keep blessing them everyday.

Do you have people in your life who truly bother you in big ways? I call them our soul attachments. Some people come into our lives for many reasons and a few are certainly intended to make us pay some debts to our karma bank or to our thought patterns. They feel and look like those bugs that you want to get rid of but never succeed.

They grasp your hair, crawl all over you, tickle and bite you leaving your skin itching, inflamed, and sore.

They get inside your ears making a permanent buzzing sound.

They get into your eyes making everything look blurred and teary.

They get into your mouth making things taste sour.

They attach to your feet and give your blisters.

They walk all over you when you sleep, and then you have nightmares.

Having one of these people in our lives is a terrible thing and much worse is having more than one. Some of us do. Sometimes, you haven’t seen these people for ages and sometimes these people are not even living any longer. Still the sour memory of them is enough to trigger a huge discomfort in your being.

Having to live with these people or their memory day in and day out, hour after hour, minute after minute is no picnic. It requires a massive dose of self-control, determination, and forgiveness.

Not that they are constantly in your face, but the simple thought of them makes you wish you had a magic wand and then, with a flip of your wrist you could point it to the person and exclaim: “disapparatus!" or something like this and they would vanish.

Or perhaps you wish you had you own pair of the ruby slippers and just by clicking the heels your wish would come true. Ah! What a great dream.

However, based on your history with this person or persons, this dream remains a dream, unless. . .

Unless you truly believe you have a magic wand or the ruby slippers, then the sky is the limit. Truth be told, we do have the wand and the slippers.

Though we can’t see them with our naked eyes, they already exist in all of us. We can do wonders with them; we only need to put them to work. They are called “thoughts. "

Now, based on the Law of Attraction, you already know what to do with your thoughts: treat them with the utmost love, consideration, and respect; as though you are caring for your silver vases. You clean, you shine, you protect, and you display them in the best part of your home.

So just do the same with your thoughts: think positive; send love, bless; forgive. How long do you have to do this regarding those persons who really, truly bug you? Good question.

My answer is: How long is your life? You keep doing it over and over and over and one day, just like that, you finally understand with your heart and you truly believe you have the magic wand or the ruby slippers.

That will be the day when they will go away from your life, once and for all.

© Maria Moratto 2006

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