Your Thoughts Yesterday Created Your Today - You ARE a Mini-God!

Lisa Whatley

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You ARE a “mini-god. " Close your eyes and let the energy of those words really sink into your heart space. Ok, don’t … I know you are rolling your eyes right now because you don’t believe what is absolutely the truth; you ARE a “mini-god. " I too rolled my eyes a few years back when I learnt that I was a mini-god, also. I remember laughing loudly and blurting out, “Yeah right, as if!" But …

Something kept pushing me to open more doors, learn more. There was this gnawing feeling inside me that told me to dig further, keep looking, be open-minded and discover if there is a potential that I could be god also. So, I held the thought of ‘humor me’ and began my search with an open mind.

I already believed that I was a spark of the Divine, but I had never ever pondered the thought of having the abilities “like" God! Having the ability to create my life! I mean wow, that sounds pretty egotistical don’t you think?

Or is it? I mean if we as humans can become like our own earthly parents and do as they do and we are made in the image and likeness of God, and this Grand Being is our parent also, then why not entertain the possibility that we inherited some of His/Her grand genes? Could that not be a possibility? I know the majority of the world says no, but I like to look outside that little box and expand my horizons, and in my writings rattle a few chains and shake some beliefs – that’s definitely in my DNA! Do you suppose I was born to be different? Or perhaps God made a mistake when He/She made me?

Then I pondered the thought that perhaps our parents had been mislead and were teaching us from untruths they learnt. Could it be that our grandparents taught our parents from untruths? Could it be that someone somewhere got the information mixed up?

Perhaps it was fear? Ah, yes that’s what it was! Fear! I was afraid because everyone around me believed lesser than themselves as well. So how could I believe different then them? I would surely be labeled as weird (oh yeah, I already was!) if I didn’t stick with their beliefs, after all I was taught that God was mean and vengeful and for heaven’s sake how could I dare to entertain the thought that I was God also! I would surely be sent to hell for eternity! Or would I? Who said I would anyway? I don’t remember God whispering that in my ear! Did you hear that? Or perhaps it was one of those human chain games, when a person whispers a story into someone else’s ear and that person passes it to the next person and as it goes on from person to person the story gets distorted but it keeps being passed from generation to generation, down the millennium and as each person hears it believes it is a truth. Is that when you started to believe and own it? When you were told by someone else? Where did this truth come from for you? Have you ever pondered the thought of where did that come from?

Nah, I never believed that God was crazy as a loon and would send my soul to the fiery depths of hell. Wouldn’t that be child abuse? Isn’t that a control tactic that humans have passed on for generations? Tell a child/person that if they don’t obey your every beck and call that they would rot in hell for eternity!? That God would never forgive them? Nice control tactic! Scare the crap out of people and see if they enjoy having a relationship with God. Or was that perhaps reverse psychology with a drop of manipulation mixed into the equation? Hmm isn’t that just a thought to ponder?

So once I got rid of everyone else’s beliefs, I found out I was afraid of being god also because that would mean I was a powerful creator. That would mean that I would have to take responsibility for everything that happened in my life. That means that I could NOT blame anyone for anything in my life ever again.

Holy Hanna! I have the ability to create! But how could that be possible? I thought everything happened to me? I thought that was fate? I thought I didn’t have a choice? I thought God was mad at me?

Dang, you mean to tell me that I made all this happen? You mean to tell me that I created my poverty? My nightmare of an abusive marriage (and here I thought God was just really pissed at me!) I created all that? How can all this possibly be!?

During my research I discovered exactly what I was told. WE ARE ALL MINI-GODS! Not just me, not just your friend down the road, not just your pastor, preacher, minister or teacher – you too are a mini-god! Every single person on this planet IS a mini-god, granted nearly everyone is still hiding in the closet but it’s the truth as I know it!

Just imagine all the possibilities you now have before you knowing that you can create anything your heart desires! Yes I said anything and that of course means both positive and negative experiences. I was definitely stuck in creating negative experiences! I certainly wish that inside the human baby handbook came a crash course for parents teaching them that we each create our own realities with our thoughts. Now wouldn’t that have made our lives a whole lot easier? Or would have it? It’s all a choice you know!

You created your life, every aspect of it. You are not a victim of life’s circumstances, you created those circumstances with every thought and choice you made! Believe it or not but what you think today creates your tomorrow! Your thoughts directly determine your future. That is how you create like a mini-god! Your thoughts create. Let me repeat that so it sinks in. Your thoughts create everything in your life – the good, the bad, the ugly. YOU create it all! No one else but you.

You created your poverty, wealth.
You created your illness, health.
You created the extra weight, ideal weight.
You created your job loss, new employment.
You created your eviction, new living space.
You created the ending of your relationship, new relationship.
You created … you created … you created …

There is nothing in your own life that you haven’t directly influenced the creation of. Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Your physical world as you see it now is the direct result of your thoughts that you created yesterday. Step further … the thought you had only seconds ago, just created your future!

Being god-also is magnificently powerful! Be careful what you think and how you feel all the time. Where your attention goes, your energy flows! That means if you focus and think about never having enough money, the universal law says your wish is therefore granted and you will continue to experience lack. Why? Not because God doesn’t love you, because your thoughts created more lack energy. That means you are telling the universe via your thought signals that you are choosing to experience more lack! It’s the opposite of what you really are desiring. So you need to change your thoughts in a manner that reflects what you want, not what you don’t want!

Let’s take a look at an example of creating. Let’s say you desire to enroll in my year long Self Mastery program. You visit my site, you look over the program and become excited. You know this is for you. You can feel your soul screaming for you to get involved to learn how to empower yourself. Then you reach the fee and you begin to THINK (create) to yourself:

“This just isn’t going to happen. I don’t have that kind of money. I don’t even have extra money to make a monthly payment! I can’t come up with that kind of money! I’ve got bills to pay. I might lose my job! Oh my God what happens if my car breaks down? What if Jimmy needs his tooth fixed? My goodness what happens if my partner gets hit by a car and has to be put in the hospital? Oh this is useless. It’s not meant to be. Even though I know this program will be in my best interest I just can’t afford it. " You click off my site.

You leave feeling defeated and angrier at your life circumstances.

Guess what else just happened? The universe listened in on every thought you just expressed! No matter how much your spirit friends want to jump in and help you get into this program, they are stopped dead in their tracks because of YOUR commands. You stopped them and they can’t move! They must follow the universal laws and your free will choice to create what you desire. You choose to create the experience of not having enough money to enroll into the program. YOU made that conscious choice.

Let’s change the energy to what you DO want to experience. You’re excited and you know NOW that the universe IS listening. So you express yourself in a positive manner and THINK (create) something like this:

“I would absolutely love to participate in this empowering program! Although I currently don’t have the funds to join I AM petitioning to God and the Universe to somehow bless me with the funds! I am TRUSTING and thanking Spirit in advance for the financial dispensation to participate in this program! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Wow! Can you feel and see the difference in positive/creative energy from this thought compared to the negative/victim thought before? You just granted the universe and your spirit friends into your life and miracles will occur if you keep your thoughts always at a positive level. Always knowing and trusting that your needs will be taken care of. If you drop back into the negative thinking … you WILL shut down the miracles.

Apply this golden rule to every area of your life and watch in amazement the miracles that unfold! The Key is positive thinking … always! Regardless of what cards have been dealt, stay positive never giving into believing that you are a victim because without a doubt, you are not!

You are a “mini-god" a powerful creator … I invite you to create wisely today!

Until our paths cross again with love in my heart, I ask you to keep smiling and play in love! Lisa Whatley

Copyright 2006 - - Lisa Whatley is a successful entrepreneur who has a deep understanding of life and a unique way of explaining and simplifying complex subjects. She’s an Indigo Adult that has the ability to interweave body, mind and spirit into her work as a Master Energy Facilitator, Spiritual Ascension Life Coach and Writer. Lisa’s spiritual path and connection with God has lead her to a place of knowing that all things are possible! She dramatically transformed her own life using the same self-empowerment teachings and techniques that she now offers in the 12 Month Spiritual Ascension Self Mastery Program she designed. This program has been extremely successful around the globe, helping numerous people transform their own lives. Along with eBooks and Energetic Healing CDs, Lisa also offers single energetic sessions for DNA Activation, Light Body Activation, Clearing, Healing, Balancing, Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment. Some of her work has appeared in the Sedona Journal and Mystic Pop Magazines.


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