The Greatest Love Affair of All

Julia Rogers Hamrick

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There is only one true Love affair—the masculine aspect of Source radiating Love, and the feminine aspect of Source receiving Love—or, as I like to think of it, Father God loving Mother God. All else is but a manifestation of this great love, and all that exists is the progeny of this relationship. All Love originates from the interaction of these two lovers.

Source is equally feminine and masculine. Source radiates Love; Source receives Love. Continuously, impersonally, without fail. When Father God radiates, Love goes forth and is received by every aspect of Creation that is aligned to receive it, and radiated forth to be received by Mother God and so on. But where does Father God get the love he radiates? From Mother God. Where does Mother God get the Love she receives? From Father God.

Fortunately, these lovers never withhold Love; never have a lover’s quarrel and refuse to relate. They are utterly faithful, and they have been relating in perfect balance for eternity. In order for our lives to be in perfect balance, we need to emulate this holy relationship within us. We have an inner feminine dynamic and an inner masculine dynamic, and when they are working in proper sequence, our lives are empowered.

Your vibrational frequency, and thus, your experience of life, is determined by how well you facilitate this great Love affair. When your masculine aspect radiates Love on behalf of Father God, and your feminine aspect receives Love on behalf of Mother God—without conditions—your frequency is at optimal levels and you are in joy. When you are doing what you were designed to do—radiating and receiving love faithfully, just as Mother God and Father God do—the reward is…everything!

©2006 Julia Rogers Hamrick

Julia Rogers Hamrick has been a spiritual-growth facilitator for over two decades, and is the author of Recreating Eden: The Exquisitely Simple, Divinely Ordained Plan for Transforming Your Life and Your Planet. Julia writes about and leads seminars on proactive joy, and the relationship between vibrational frequency and experience. For more information on Julia and recreating Eden, and to get on her list to be eligible for her f'ree monthly teleseminars, visit


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