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Imagine that you have trained all your life to compete in the Olympics. Your moment has come, and you are standing on a diving board 30 feet above the water.

At this moment, will your thoughts help you bring home a medal, or will they sabotage you and cause you to make a critical mistake, even though you are capable of turning in a much better performance?

The earliest computer programmers came up with a slogan called GIGO (pronounced, “gee Joe”). It stood for “garbage in, garbage out. ”

Our brains operate the same way. If we allow fears, doubts and negative self talk to enter our brains, garbage will come out in the way we perform.

I have found that questions are the software we can use to control the powerful computer that sits between our ears. Ask the right questions, and you get successful results. But if you ask negative, defeating questions, your “computer” will only produce garbage.

Empowering questions tend to begin with words like “how” or “what. ” Such as, How can I remain calm and focused? What can I do right now to help this team work together productively? What can I do to make my presentation the very best I am capable of? What can I do or say to reduce the tension in this room? How can I help this employee perform up to his full potential?

You may have noticed that these empowering questions tend to look forward instead of rehashing the past? They look for possibilities instead of assigning blame.

And best of all, all by themselves empowering questions focus the brain so that our thoughts are productive and positive.

We are all “software programmers” when it comes to operating our brains. We can choose to program our “onboard computers” to produce positive or negative thoughts and actions. It all depends on the questions we ask ourselves.

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