Wealth Consciousness - Why You Can't Afford To Be Without It


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Wealth consciousness isn't only about money. It's about being aware of, and appreciating, ALL the good things in your life, because that's how you get more of them.

Sooner or later you always get exactly what you focus on. . . and as I'm writing this I've just watched a TV documentary which illustrates that perfectly.

The documentary was about the great empire of the Hittites, whose capital, Hattusha, was rediscovered recently after being lost for over 3,000 years.

Their empire was designed “to last forever". Hattusha was built high in the mountains, with huge towers, massive, thick stone ramparts, and inner walls with secret tunnels from which the inhabitants could ambush and wipe out any enemy who managed to make it that far.

They could see the entire surrounding area for miles. No-one would ever have a chance to approach the place without being seen and thoroughly prepared for. . . which was just as well, because they had an overwhelming fear that at enemy would someday take the city and destroy it.

They had a ferociously trained and disciplined army, which struck terror into the hearts of all the nations round about them.

They had a culture of duty, loyalty and discipline, with oaths sworn with great solemnity and threats of appalling punishments, both human and divine, for breaking them.

They had an ingenious system for storing water, which they brought in pipes from the streams in the surrounding hills and stored in 7 massive reservoirs.

They fought against the Egyptians under their great Pharaoh, Rameses II, and drove them backwards 200 miles into their own territory, forcing them to make a peace treaty with the Hittites and acknowledging their ruler as “the Great King".

They had 5 massive libraries, enormous gates and archways, and elaborate carvings of gigantic size. They were clearly a people of enormous ingenuity, wealth and power.

They'd have to have a wealthy consciousness, then, wouldn't they?

No. They hadn't. In fact, their poverty consciousness was so extreme it brought about their total ruin.

When Prince Hattusili returned with the Egyptian peace treaty, he probably expected a warm welcome. Instead, the King was terrified the Prince would now usurp his throne.

Whether Hattasili originally meant to seize the throne's not clear, but faced with the risk of execution as a traitor he took a gamble and deposed the King.

That would be drastic enough in any society, but in one that was held together by an intense code of loyalty, it was fatal. Some of the people went along with Hattasili, but others remained loyal to the King. Civil war broke out.

It ended with the city smashed to ruins. As the small band of survivors straggled through the huge stone gate and disappeared from history, they were still so obsessed with fear that their abandoned city would fall into an enemy's hands that they set light to it.

They needn't have worried. The place is so remote and inhospitable that even today, over 3,000 years later, no-one has ever attempted to rebuild it. The Hittites themselves remain the only people who have ever raised their hands against the place.

These people had everything - excepting for the understanding of how rich they were. It didn't matter how secure they REALLY were, they never could believe they were secure enough.

What you focus on is what you get.

No-one's suggesting you should be naïve and simply close your eyes to any risk to your prosperity, well-being, happiness or safety. Of course it's sometimes necessary to take precautions to protect yourself and those you love from harm.

It's just that it's a good idea to keep things in proportion. Once you've done whatever's necessary to make you feel secure, don't let yourself obsess about it.

Focus on the things you WANT, not what you DON'T want.

Fill your heart, your mind, your words and actions with your purpose and your goals.

Keep your mental compass firmly fixed in the direction that you want to go in, not the one you're scared someone might try to make you head for, and be fully appreciative of, and grateful for, the good things you already have.

That way you can keep difficulties or dangers in proportion, and have a balanced, optimistic outlook that will help you find the answers that you need.

The alternative is, you'll focus on the things you fear until you take the very course of action that will make them happen.

The Hittites could have told you that - if there were any of them left.

Aislinn O'Connor is a motivational writer and personal development consultant. For tools to help you to enjoy the happy and successful life that you were born to live, visit her website at www.access-your-peak-performance-zone.com


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