How to Light Your Inner Passion


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One of the key elements of a life of success is that of a strong inner passion. It is easy to drift through life aimlessly if you don't have a strong sense of this inner desire for something more. People differ one to another in the amount of natural drive they have. Some know exactly what they want to do with their lives while they are still in high school, or even earlier. Others are in their thirties and still don't really know what they want.

If you're one of those who has always had a dream and have never turned aside from it, you are probably not reading this article. In fact, you probably should be writing it! On the other hand, if you desire to light your inner passion and find a driving sense of mission for your life, read on.

What do you want to accomplish? If you don't really know, there are ways to clarify your dreams and goals. This would be a good time to get out that journal or just some paper and a pen as you explore the inside you. And here's a suggestion - why not try using an erasable pen? They make thinking on paper much easier. Pencils are faint and smeary to use, but pens are unforgiving. An erasable pen combines the best of both worlds.

So now that you have your paper and your erasable pen handy, begin to jot down some things you are interested in. What are areas in your life that you feel good about? Everyone has special talents and abilities. What are yours? Does one of them strike a chord with you? When you write “I'm a good cook" do you feel flooded with a desire to create gourmet dinners or elegant decorated cakes? Could you be so passionate about your cooking that you would succeed in the restaurant or catering business?

Don't fall into the trap of looking at others and envying their gifts before you have given your own a good look. One woman confessed to a friend that she was envious of the friend's ability to sing and create beautiful music. The musical woman answered that she wished she could swim and get a tan like the first woman. Each of us has something that is uniquely ours, and we should cherish and appreciate it. Jealousy and judging will never get us ahead.

Another area to explore when seeking to light your inner passion is your compassion for others. What breaks your heart? Is it a hungry child? Or maybe a stray dog? Maybe you feel great pain for those who have messed up their lives through addiction. Whatever ignites that compassion in you is a likely place for you to begin to light your passion.

Even if your basic desire is just to make more money and live a comfortable life, you still need to find a business or profession that will be in sync with your likes and dislikes. Otherwise you will be miserable while you're at work. Some people really enjoy selling things and can get passionate about it. Do seek to offer a product that will be of benefit to the buyer or client. Use your inner passion to be a blessing to others.

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