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Have you ever noticed how oblivious we can be sometimes, about where we’re up to? We sometimes don’t quantify things well and it becomes hard to stay motivated. Or we do it for some things and not others.

For example, we might have problems in our personal finance, but haven’t worked out where it all goes, or what we need, or any kind of plan or markers to tackle it. Or we know exactly how much weight we want to lose, but we don’t have a structure to know which housekeeping tasks need doing, how long each of them take to do, and a day of the week to do each of them.

If you’re going on a journey, you need to know your starting point and where you want to go. From there you can break it down. Your car won’t continue to function if you ignore the gauges such as petrol, water and oil levels, servicing etc. Nor will your body function well if you ignore its needs, such as water, sleep, nutritious food, a little sunshine and laughter.

We all know what balance of things is good for us, but so often neglect these things that keep us there.

Once you know where you want to go in life or goals, break it down into smaller steps and chart your progress. Do what works for you. It could be a big wall chart, a computer graph or spreadsheet, a calendar you put reward stickers on, a PDA record, a journal, or a control journal like a planner or instruction manual that you have all your basic routines and tasks in and tick or colour things in as you complete them. .

If you’re anything like me you get inspired by the concepts, but it’s accountability that keeps me on track. Keeping track of your gauges not only keeps you accountable to yourself, but if you need that extra oomph, then you can show them to someone you know won’t buy your excuses and help you stay on track.

Gauges are powerful because they’re measurable. They’re motivating because you can see how far you’ve come, and what steps you have to take to see it to fruition.

Go for it! Start keeping your gauges and watch your life become more fulfilling.

Yours positively,

Life Coach Danick Buskermolen ( ) is a graduate of Hart Life Coaching and a charter member of Life Design Associates specialising in assisting people to breakthrough limitations, define values, philosophies and purpose and live a juicy life by design instead of by default. Danick is has a background as a successful salesperson, beauty therapist, world traveller, lifetime student of personal growth/development and education, graduate of Landmark curriculum, Toastmasters Speechcraft, author, poet, speaker and a committed Christian.


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