How To Become a Miracle Maker

Kathryn Cassidy

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A miracle is an event which lies outside of our normal expectancy. It is a happening for which there is no explanation within our present understanding of the laws of time, space and relativity. However, to the metaphysician, miracles are commonplace.

The metaphysician subscribes to a belief system that transcends the ‘normal’ rigid models of reality, which only take account of scientific data. Often scientists will dismiss data which conflicts with their preconceived ideas, because to accept the truth of some discoveries would necessitate questioning long established religious doctrines too. Physicist Niels Bohr was aware of the anomalies and paradoxes prevalent in many scientific theories. He diplomatically pointed out the need for the scientific community to be less dogmatic about that which has been ‘proven’. He said:

We must continually count on the appearance of new facts, the inclusion of which, within the compass of our earlier experience, may require revision of our fundamental concepts

The metaphysician looks beyond the laws of the physical dimension and embraces a spiritual and universal perspective. Man is seen as indivisible from his inner and outer environment. An illness is not so much a malfunction of the body but a signal of dis-ease between Man and the energies he is constantly interchanging with. Outside events - synchronicities - are not some arbitrary coincidence, but the coinciding of Man's thoughts with his environment. Again, an invisible interchange and one in which the outer event will in some way reflect the inner energies.

This holistic model is one which the quantum physicists are slowly but surely confirming exist. Each of us is comprised of eternal, invisible and infinite energy, a swirling mass of atoms fashioned out of the very fabric of the Universe we inhabit - a life force that is a part of all things.

According to metaphysician, Stuart Wilde that force does not differentiate. In much the same way as electricity will illuminate both a brothel and a Vicar's tea party, the energy only has to be directed. Whatever thoughts, feelings and actions you project out, the Universe will reflect back to you, unemotionally, in the form of energies (events) you experience day to day.

It is knowledge of this inherent power, that lies at the disposal of each and every one of us, that facilitates spiritual awareness. For as soon as someone begins to see that their outer life accurately reflects their inner state, they have the key to performing miracles in their lives.

By detaching from the ‘me-in-here', 'you-out-there’ model of reality and embracing one in which we are indivisible from our fellow man (and indeed the entire Universe) we can observe ourselves creating our life and experiences. We need no longer take offence at people actions but view them as a reaction to something within us that needs to be observed. We no longer feel powerless but empowered.

If you want to become a miracle maker strip yourself of all the confining belief systems, dogmas and doctrines that the ‘closed’ model of reality may have subconsciously inculcated in you and experience everything around yourself as a manifestation of energy. Then channel that force into creating what you want to manifest.

Draw on your unlimited power and remember this:

Miracles are not gifts from God, they are part of what you are, which is God.

Kathryn Cassidy writes on a variety of subjects which fall under the umbrella of the word, metaphysical. She hosts three blogs: Cosmic Ordering Service Collaborate With Fate and The Cosmic Cipher


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The Miracle Of Your Mind
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