The Benefits Of Organization (Part 1)

Saheed Badru

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In life, we need to work along with our goals to attain true success. But this is not just rocket science. It demands proper practical steps that have to be followed gradually. If you’re working towards a five year goal plan for example, you can’t just start achieving all the goals at once. You need to take them step by step in order of importance. This is what I call ORGANIZING. Productive people are always organized in what they do. They plan their time well and delegate each action in order of priority.

Being organized is a way of planning for success. In fact, it is living success before attaining success. It works with the body, mind, and hands. I said hands because it involves writing out your goals. There are so many techniques which could be used to organize your daily life and become more productive. But I will focus mainly on making a to-do list in this part.

A to-do list, as the name implies is simply a clearly written list of activities or goals an individual aims to achieve. It could be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. I find it most convenient using a daily to-do list. This is because I can consistently keep up with it. This could be written in order of time, priority or whatever you feel is okay for you. Here is an example below;

Activities for today

1. Tidy up

2. Prayer

3. Car maintenance

4. Publish issue#2 of e-zine

5. Attend psychology lectures

6. Meet with group members……………

It could be an endless list of goals to be achieved. But the one unique feature of a to-do list is brevity. That is, it’s always short and brief. It is a list one needs to scribble through quickly and have in an easily accessible place like a notepad or a personal billboard or wall. The most important thing is that it should be in a place where you can easily read it and follow through.

Activities which have been accomplished could be crossed or marked out in a clear, neat and understandable manner. For example;

1. Tidy up

2. Prayer

3. Attend chemistry lectures

4. Publish issue#2 of ezine

5. Visit bank

6. Evening date……………

Depending on your style, you could use any pattern you feel is best for you or you prefer. The most important thing is that it works properly for you.

The benefits of having a to-do list are countless. Personally, it has helped me plan my time better and has improved my time management skills. It has also made me see myself as a more valuable individual. This helps me in developing a higher sense of responsibility. Another important benefit is that it has helped me achieve a lot within a short time frame. It has created a stronger sense of fulfillment and self-esteem in me, as an individual.

Having a to-do list makes you know what is more important and less important. It helps you in time management and prevents unnecessary anxiety and haste. An individual who keeps himself conscious of his time and goals gets more respect and is seen as a leader figure. Organization is the key to fulfillment. Remember to always plan your day in advance. To be continued…….

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Saheed Adebowale Babatunde-Badru (Pen-named Sahbad) is a young motivational writer who lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He loves to inspire people with his message of success and strives towards giving his best to the world. You can reach him through his blog .


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