From Chaff to Winnowed Wheat


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"But I have prayed for you, . . . that your faith may not fail. . . " (Luke 22:32).

Jesus prays for us, that we may not fail-what a blessed thought! We are so distraught, but our Advocate, our Redeemer, our Savior, prays FOR us. Thank You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for interceding for us. Satan asks to have us but our beloved Jesus won't let anyone take us out of His hand and heart. Yes, God allows His wheat to be winnowed, but our sieve is His love and compassion for us.

Our chaff passes through His own broken heart of total love and He then gathers the wheat of our imperfect life and cradles it in His hands. We can be comforted with the assurance that Jesus won't allow any storm to whisk us out of His protecting heart and hands.

"Yet Peter was permitted to fall under temptation; but he was won back again, converted the second time, so to speak, by the loving look of Jesus; and thus destined to become a strengthener of the brethren. So that our Lord's prayers for us may be that, through permitted humiliations and tears and penitence, we may pass on to power.

It is only when self-confidence, as in Peter's case, has been purged out of us by humiliating discoveries of our personal weakness, that we are in a position to undertake the care and strengthening of brethren. Broken-hearted Simon becomes, after Pentecost, the reliable Rock-man, worthy of the new name, Peter" (Anonymous). .


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