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Following is my very first contact with the spirit world that took place around 25 years ago. Since, for me, it was so successful, I continued my research and have remained in contact ever since. This led to adventures and subsequent contacts with many thousands of entities throughout time and space that have always been fascinating, riviting and truly educational. And you can't know of the adventures we have had! (But you will). Meantime, as I say, this was my first group and my first session with what was to (eventually) become, the greatest adventure of all time. Enjoy with me if you will, this first trip into the unknown. . .

We were 8 people around a makeshift ouija board. However, not once did I have my finger on the glass.

(Code: M = Me and B = Board)

M: “Hello?"


M: “Who is this please?"


M: “And who is Jane please?"


M: “You are somebody’s grandmother called ‘Jane’?"


M: “Whose grandmother are you please?"


Now, I wasn’t going to fall for this. I realised that, one of the very last people who would speak to me - or me to her - would be my grandmother. You see, we never saw eye to eye and she, to me, was an out and out bully of a woman. No. This was one person I didn’t want to speak with.

Oh. And one other thing. I forgot to mention that, although there were eight people with me around that board that night yet I have to add that, I DIDN’T HAVE MY FINGER ON THE GLASS. I was stood at the back with my notepad and pen and out of sight of everyone’s eyes as I intently watched all those present for any tell tale signs of pushing or directing. And, apart from my wife, no one there knew I had a grandmother called ‘Jane’. So, without further ado, I asked my wife to leave the table - and the room - which she kindly did without preamble for, she knew how serious this was.

In making my mind up that this was never going to be my grandmother, my tone changed from merely a ‘questioning’ one to ‘don’t be daft! I wasn’t born yesterday!’

M: “Yeah! I’ll bet you are!"

Someone in my group mentioned that this lady was old but had young eyes and that she was looking at me from a spare seat at the table (mine). I then pointed out that, with the word ‘grandmother’ then one could easily discern that it was likely that here was an old woman. (tut!). The ‘board’ continued:


I sighed and shook my head. “Ok, we’ll go along with it" I thought.

M: “Ok. You’re my ‘grandmother’. Well, let’s have a laugh Ok? If you’re my grandmother then, you wont mind me asking you a few questions then will you? As far as you are concerned - IF you’re my grandmother - then, you have only been where you are for two minutes and so, some things are things that you’ll remember eh?"


M: “Ok. Let’s see. Let’s start with something easy shall we?"


M: “Right. What colour was your favourite hat?"


M: “Green ‘velvet’ is correct - although I didn’t ask for the material. Never mind. But please stick to answering what *I* ask you wont you?"


M: “Ok. Forget it. Now, what is your full name please?"

Without any hesitation, the board spelled out;


It was at this point that I took a much closer look at those sat around my table that night for, I wondered, how on earth anyone there could have known this?

Only one other person there knew me well. He was - and still is - my best friend - Lez Coldrick. From all those present there, only he would know of things that not many other people would know. And yet. . . In the years that we had already been friends yet, not once did I even mention my grandmother to him let alone told him her name. All other people around that board were half strangers to me - and purposely so. These were all friends of friends for, I surmised that, the little information that we knew of each other, the better, just in case. However, in even knowing this yet, it may have been due to Lez and his natural instinct for humour - and my wife’s enjoyment in sharing this humour between us - that it then occurred to me that, maybe, just maybe, they had rigged this for my benefit and their humour. So, I called my wife and pointedly asked her if she had set this up between them. If so then, to come clean now so that I could get on with it. She said she hadn’t and I judged her to be telling the truth. I then looked deep into Lez’ eyes for any sign of a smirk - but all I found was fear. Although he hadn’t said so yet, he was afraid and didn’t say so. It then worried me to see him so afraid but I ignored this and asked anyway.

"You haven’t set this up have you Lez?" I asked

"NO!" came his sharp reply. Now, he never speaks to me sharply unless there is a real reason for it. We have far too much respect towards each other for any of that stuff. Besides, if he was the one directing this, even then, he would not have known my grandmother’s full name simply because - my wife never did either. In that room, only I knew - and I wasn’t on that table to direct the glass either consciously or unconsciously. And please remember also that it was because I saw my late grandmother as a huge bully in our lives that you can be assured in that she never came up in conversation. In bearing all of this in mind, I cautiously continued. In my mind at that time, although I was not convinced yet, I must have missed something here.

M: “Clever. Very clever. But that was easy wasn’t it? So, let’s think of something harder shall we?"

I then asked a question in that there was no doubt what-so-ever in my mind that no-one could have known other than her - this woman/thing/whatever it/she was coming through that board that night.

M: “Ok. What was the name of my dog when I was with you please?"

Now, before I repeat ‘her’ response, I want to add something here. You see, my family split up when I was 9 years old and we three brothers then lived with our grandparents. (Yes. They took us on). However, moving in with them meant moving from the South, to the North of UK, to Manchester - which was where they lived. After living with them for a while, I, eventually left Manchester to move back down South - to Devon. I was 21 when I left for good. I then began a new life in which I started again making new friends and so on. Thus, my history was behind me, where I wanted it to stay at that time. So, the chances of anyone present - including my wife - knowing the name of my dog when I was living with them was beyond credulity for, I never mentioned my dog to anyone. Though I loved that dog dearly yet, it had been years since I even thought of her. She, like all my other memories from then, were stored within me and stayed within me as a memory that I would rarely pull out of the bag. It was a part of my life that I wanted to forget. And so, I did - that is, until this night. It was without a moment’s pause that the glass sped around that board to spell out;


…and I was dumbfounded! My mind became a turmoil of images and questions after questions as it tried hard to make sense of what I had just seen with my own eyes! This board spelled out - ‘Tessa’ - and I knew, for a FACT that NO ONE could possibly have known. And, to make matters even stranger was that, my wife had yet to return to the table. She still hadn’t even returned to the room. (In fact, I later learned that she had popped down the road to sit with a neighbour and did not see the rest of this communication).

My mouth suddenly became dry when I realised that it must have stayed open for a good few minutes in incredulous shock. This was indeed, my dog! As I was standing there, looking as though I had just swallowed hot mercury, the board continued;


. . and a lump came to my throat the size of a pumpkin. I adored that dog, my Tessa. However, as much as my emotions were doing somersaults within me yet, I stuck to the plan. I was not going to be swayed quite as easily as that. Since we were talking of my dog, I thought I would continue in that vein when I asked;

M: “Ah! But there’s something else isn’t there? Now, I haven’t a clue as to how anyone could have found out the name of my dog back then but, I will ask something now that only you and I know but that, you didn’t know that I knew. So, answer this please, Who put my dog down behind my back?" (This was still a painful memory to call up. That dog and I were inseparable back then).

The glass now moved very slowly indeed to spell. . .


M: “That is absolutely correct. You DID have Tessa put down! How could you? That dog was beautiful. How could you do that to us? There was nothing wrong with her! She wasn’t old and she had her whole life in front of her. How could you? You knew what she meant to me!"

It was very tough not to get over emotional for, the memory of that time still stung. Tessa shouldn’t have been put down. It was vicious! She would greet me at the door every time I came in and, one day, she didn’t greet me. My grandmother told me that she had run off. But there was no way that she would do this. Tessa was devoted to me. But, how would she know?


M: “Yes. I understand today. I have bills to pay as well. But I could never do that to any of my kids. That was hard - too hard if you ask me. "

At this moment, I took a couple of minutes as I composed myself. I did this for, if I didn’t then, I would allow myself to believe that I was actually talking with my bully of a grandmother. And so, I wasn’t having that! Everyone waited with baited breath because for them, this ‘fun’ thing suddenly became very serious. They could see this. Besides, I suddenly felt very silly to have found myself getting emotional over a dog that I hadn’t thought of in over 15 years now. Silly!)

Eventually, I straightened myself up and continued;

M: “What colour collar did she wear when you put her down?"

B: BLUE (Right again)

This was all becoming too much so, I, immediately changed tack because it then occurred to me that maybe something telepathic was going on. In thinking this for a moment, I thought I would ask a series of questions that would be too fast to ‘pick up’ from my mind and that I would purposely NOT think of the answers. If I could ask them before I thought of the answers then, I surmised, it would be more difficult. However, as I asked the following questions with more speed, so too did the board speed up with me.

M: “What was my grandfather’s middle name?"


M: “Right. He didn’t have one. What was the number of our house?"

B: 15 (Right)

M: “What was the number of the house that granddad collected rent from?"

B: 11 (Right)

M: “What was your favourite ring?"

B: EMERALD (Right)

M: “What was the name of our tortoise?"


M: “What was the name of the man living at the top of the house?"

B: BOB (Right)

M: “What was the name of my favourite gospel song then?"


M: “What is my mother’s middle name?"

B: JEAN (Right)

M: “What did you always have down at the side of your chair?"

B: POP (Right) ('pop’ equals carbonated drink)

M: “What was my favourite hobby?" (This was a question that I knew Lez would know the answer to. So I asked him to take his finger off the glass).

B: FISHING (Right)

M: " What was my best mate’s name then?"

B: TOM (Right)

(I couldn’t believe this. )

M: “Who did I go fishing with?"

B: MR THOMPSON (Later to become ‘Bill’ - Right)

M: “What was the name of your favourite dog when we lived with you?"

B: ROSY (Right)

M: “What breed of dog was she?"


M: “Was she big? Small? What?"


M: “Yes, and she stank to high heaven didn’t she?"


M: “Why did she stink so much?"


M: “That’s right. Her teeth were rotten weren’t they? Ok. Ok. I’m convinced. It’s you alright. But there’s one more answer that I want from you that I wouldn’t dare repeat in front of anyone. Yet, I am going to ask it anyway. What was the name by which we all knew you as?"

. . and the board spelled out. . .


Everyone found this to be a strange answer and questioned themselves as to who might have pushed the glass to spell out something ridiculous. However, to me, this was not ridiculous for, this was indeed what we all called her. This name originated from my eldest cousin who, when tiny, couldn’t say the word ‘Nana’. So she changed it to ‘Yaya’ instead - and it stuck.

This was definitely my grandmother. Of that, there was no doubt in my mind. It was she.

Silence eventually overtook that room as everyone waited for me to say or do something. But my mind slipped back all those years prior to this night when I was back in that house with her and my grandfather with my brothers. How time flies. *How* time flies! All that heartache. All that pain. Missing my mother so badly. Not getting on with my brothers and constantly arguing with this woman now, speaking back to me through my board.

When I knew that this was indeed my grandmother, I found myself to be at a loss for words. For me, my experiment was done and now that I found myself in the presence of this woman, I wanted nothing more to do with her. There just wasn’t anything else to say for, hadn’t we both said quite enough to each other years ago? Those memories were very painful for me and I really didn’t want to continue. To do so, to me, would only make her right - when she could not have been more wrong back then. She was a bully and made our lives even harder when all three of us, my brothers and I, were already missing my mother like you wouldn’t believe. We all struggled at school. Constantly fighting each other and anyone and everyone at school. We hardly ever saw our dad and we were often left to get on with our own lives in our own way. We were bitter. We were angry. And we were so lost. I therefore realised that, if there was some need in me to need to speak to someone to placate my lost past then, this wouldn’t be it. Oh no! Not her! Of all the people. Not her! When you consider who else could have dropped in that night, when we think of the numbers involved then, how the hell did she manage to come in first? Did not some part of her realise that I would never want to speak to her ever again!?

Eventually, I gathered my thoughts and looked back at my first group. They were all staring at me, waiting. Whilst they were waiting, the glass kept moving slowly around the word ‘YES’ and I knew that ‘she’ was waiting too - that bully! - that *dragon* of a woman! What the hell did she want? What was the point of her visit to me? What did she want now!? So, rather than call it a day (which is what I wanted to do right there and then), for the group’s sake, I asked,

M: “What do you want with me Yaya?" Very slowly indeed, the glass spelled out the following;


Sorry? Sorry for what? I wondered. What the hang is she saying sorry for? And, if ever there was one word that had never passed her lips before - it was this one - sorry. (Women don’t apologise - do they? Women are never ‘wrong’ - are they?).

At that point, one of the women present said that she could feel my grandmother crying. In fact, she was sobbing. It was hard for her to concentrate for crying so much. So I asked,

M: “Are you crying?"


M: “Why are you crying? You’ve got nothing to cry about. You had a great life. What’s your problem?" (As if I was ever going to be interested you know?)

Between them, the group members all began to feel the same when they said the following:

"Bob, your grandmother is almost on her knees. She is saying sorry and asking forgiveness from you. She is sorry, not only for the things that you remember but also for every little thing that you can’t. She is saying sorry most of all for not being there when you needed to be guided and loved. She did love you Bob but didn’t know how to express it. You were a difficult lad but that it is understandable considering that neither parent wanted to know who they were abandoning. She loves you now more than anything and asks you, please forgive her. "

"What!? PLEASE!? Are you sure that we are talking of the same woman here?" (Please? Don’t be daft! Women don’t say ‘please’ either - do they? No. No. MEN must have manners but women don’t have to - because they are ‘female’ and are above manners - aren’t they? Men must try. Women don’t have to for, they are women and women can do whatever they like - can’t they? So, you see what this woman did to me? See how much of a bully she was? But, she wasn’t on her own for, eventually, there was my mother too. As if the older version wasn’t enough to drive home the message of the female version of ignorance and bullying, eventually, (when she deigned to appear to we ‘boys’) we had a younger dragon to contend with as well! And boy, she was twice as hard!). What could I say? What *could* I say? I felt cold and it was all I could do to remain civil let alone find manners of all things. I believed these memories to be long gone by now. But no. They were still there - untouched in a long time).

Due to my silence, one group member said that I ought to forgive her and that I should do this for ‘me’ if not for her. According to this member (who I hardly knew at all), this would then free me and give me strength to do better with myself and to allow me to let go of the past. However, as far as I was concerned, the past had already gone within me for, after leaving Manchester, I rarely gave it another thought. So, what was there to forgive? (It was the best answer I could think of at the time see?). But, this was not good enough for, all I then had were repeats about my grandmother - Yaya - crying in abject sorrow. According to this group - she meant it when she asked me for my forgiveness.

"Oh alright!" I said, “Go on then! I ‘forgive’ you. " I sighed. “Now, do me a favour eh? Let me get on with someone else Ok? I’m done with this communication!"

And that is where it ended.

(This Story Continued At A Much Later Date Which Had A Different Outcome And That You Will Hear Of Another Time. By Then, I didn't Need ‘Proof’ And This Made A Difference. But I Don't Want To Give Too Much Away At This Point Because It Has Bearing On What Was To Follow Years Later That Has Had Far More Of An Impact Upon This World Than Has Ever Been Known Before. You'll See What I Mean In Good Time. Meantime, Forgiveness Is Hugely Important To Us All And We Must Learn To Give It Unconditionally. I Didn't Then But I Do Now).


And so, if this were you, would *this* be proof enough that, the afterlife and it's sure existence may truly exist after all?

Come to the board *yourself* and find out wont you? And, if you need teaching (and you do) then, I am here to show you how it's all done in safety and harmony for the rest of your life so that, you too, wont fear or doubt ever again.

I Thank You For Your Time

Bob Daulby

Bob Daulby is a world renowned, global expert on matters of life after death, the greater life and Our Worlds Beyond. He has contacted and communicated with all kinds of entities from the spirit world, otherworldly beings as well as inter-dimensional entities and different time-lines. He can teach you to do the same in a very safe, sure and positive manner at: so that everyone may glean limitless knowledge, love and understanding as well as adventures beyond dreams. Please visit and this gift too can be yours.


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