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It has to be the question that follows many of us around right up until our mid 30's, which is the time when most of us accept out lot and stick with what we know. What am I talking about? That most popular of all questions which is ‘How to become a?’ whatever the final noun happens to be. But most of us yearn to become a ‘somebody', and not just another nobody doing nothing much, going nowhere in particular.

Up until adolescence I was always interested in how to become a fireman. As a spotty faced teenager I wanted to know how to become a rock star, and late teens up until early twenties I wanted to know how to become a successful entrepreneur without the need of a college education. There were of course, many more how to become a this-and-that in between. One thing I leaned pretty early on in life though, is that all knowledge is power and sometimes that knowledge is the harsh reality of accepting those things which cannot be changed. For example, it's not always possible to become whatever it is you put you mind to, as some things require talent, and we're not all gifted with the same god given attributes no matter how hard we try at something.

Knowledge is perhaps the most wonderful and enriching power a man can possess. It opens more doors of opportunity than anything else. Ever head the saying, ‘it's not what you know it's who you know?’ Well it's still knowledge. Knowledge is not so much knowing something as knowing where to find the information should you need it. The explosion and availability of knowledge found on that Information Super Highway has literally opened the flood gates to facts and data we would never have imagined possible just 20 years previous.

With trillions of websites out there packed with information on just about every subject under the sun, we're going to see generations of human libraries. The scope of conversation will be so diverse compared to the small world of idle chat that our fathers and forefathers were restricted to in their days of global and social isolation.

Problems raising the kids? Just hop online and do a search on how to become a better parent. Yearning for a relationship but can't overcome your shyness? Search on how to become a more confident person. Whatever it is that you need to know or want to become, the internet has the answers. Whether it's research material for education, or info on how to become just about anything your heart desires, the World Wide Web has an abundance of authoritative wisdom from the pool of global professionals, and it's all at your very fingertips.

When I left school I was semi illiterate and semi numerate, yet once I got the hang of surfing the virtual world I have gradually become self educated though a multitude of online courses, and as a consequence I enjoy life today as a successful solopreneur. The internet has succeeded for me where a traditional school education failed, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Both the informational and educational material available on the internet is just astounding, and it seems that there is no lack of data on any given subject for those that search for it. It's not all roses though, as apart from being limitless supply of information, there is also a fair bit of misinformation floating around too, but with a little experience on finding authoritative sites with reputation, you will soon lean how to become a specialist in retrieving accurate information on the World Wide Web.

Lee Kiley is a proficient writer and webmaster for InstructHow dot com where he writes on such issues as How to Talk to Girls in the 21 st Century! and How To Become A Lawyer . He also has many other ‘How to’ related pieces on the site.


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