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Let's suppose you have examined your beliefs and values and have determined your purpose in life. The next step is to make your purpose count. Your purpose is that unique contribution you can make to the world. No one but you can really fulfill your purpose. Some others might be similar, and you might work in tandem with some of these other purpose-driven people. Still, your own role will be uniquely yours.

So now that you know your purpose, start making it count. First think of how it can help others. How can you help the most people with what you have to contribute? Is making money part of your purpose in life? Yes, that seems “unspiritual" perhaps, but a person with a gift for making money can be a great benefactor of others, and in many cases, making money is a part of one's purpose.

If you are one of these fortunate people, seek out those causes that light your fire and support them financially. Giving ten percent of one's income away has long been considered a recipe for financial success. Try it some time! Think about those who are less fortunate as you consider what causes to support. Did you know that there are a billion people in the world at any given time who are starving to death? Does it make sense for us to rake in the bucks and not share with these people?

Of course, money is not the only thing a person can contribute to a cause. You may be short on cash but long on energy or spare time. There are many ways you can make your purpose count by contributing what you are good at to your favorite organization. For instance, if you are a good writer, you can share your services by editing the charity's newsletter or by writing press releases for them. If you are an accomplished carpenter, you can donate your time to build cabinets in a battered women's shelter or volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

Sometimes just your presence can help to make your purpose count. Many political issues come up that must be addressed, especially if you have a passion about it. Take the time to support a rally to show support for a cause that maybe others don't know about. Maybe the state is cracking down on midwives, and you've had your babies at home with their services. You feel the laws are unjust. Get out there and join the rally. Write letters to the editor or to the senators. Let people know how you feel.

Sharing of your money, time, skills, or presence can all be ways to make your life purpose count. Don't forget, though, that the simple act of providing for your family and being a good neighbor can be a fulfilling part of your purpose, as well. Your spouse and children are important. Give them the attention and care they deserve. No one can fill your role in their lives except you. Never get so wrapped up in your passions and purposes that you forget those people that make your life worth living.

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