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What A Difference An Event Coordinator Can Make

Edmund Brunetti

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A little over a week ago two friends who used to work together got together for drinks. This is now a rare and cherished event as they no longer work at the same place, and so making the effort is a key part of their spending time together.

Since the last meeting, one of them is now in the middle of wedding planning. Much of the time at dinner that evening was spent discussing the upcoming wedding, which is more than twelve months away, and how challenging is to organize this event on a budget.

Even if there is a lot of time to go, the future grooms understood that they need to start planning the wedding, in order to have enough space to make every reservation, arrangement, fitting without becoming overwhelming.

Finding a suitable event room to hold all your friends and relatives can be challenging. The best restaurants for this kind of event need to be booked one year in advance. If you don’t book the restaurant immediately after you set the date you won’t be able to have the wedding at an event room with a staff that is trained to carter to all of your needs and dreams.

Choosing the event room is one of the most important important decisions a couple has to make when planning the wedding. It’s not only the space that matters, but also the food they serve, how well trained the staff is and how the music sounds there are features that make the difference between a fun wedding and a common one. Of course you should pay a retainer for booking the location.

The photograph and the band are also key factors that transform an event. A great band lights up the atmosphere, keeps the people on the dance floor and makes everybody have a great time. The photographer seizes the right moments that should be kept for posterity. The wedding album is something that should remind you of how amazing the event was, not to show you over and over again what was at fault. But finding a great band and a talented photographer is hard, seeing that there are a lot of choices and you are stressed with organizing the upcoming event.

The flowers, the cake and the decorations for the wedding are also very stressing to choose. You have thousands of options. But regardless of how beautiful all are, you have to take into account your limited budget. This, of course, increases your stress levels. Furthermore, if you didn’t organize a big event in your life, finding the right flowers and decorations can be tedious and it will diminish the glamour of the event.

But there is another way to organize an amazing wedding even if you’re on a budget. Hiring someone who is a specialist is the best solution to your problems. An event coordinator in Melbourne knows the best locations within your price range, is working with bands and photographers that seize the moment and make people enjoy the party and can give you discounts on flowers, decorations and even on the cake. Furthermore, because an event planner is a professional she or he will know how to handle all the incoming challenges.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an event planner/coordinator is budget control. This is counterintuitive, isn’t it? But it is the case that an event coordinator in Melbourne is going to be cognizant of budget even more than you are. Ultimately there’s a limited fund – it has to stop somewhere and the event planner is going to watch the budget closely.

Next, the event coordinator is going to be a realist. If you’ve decided you want something whacky and offbeat for your wedding, they will know better than you how to go about arranging it, but they will also be able to give you a lesson in the realities of your request. It doesn’t mean ‘no’ but it does mean you’ll understand the implications before you commit yourself, and there’s huge security in that. There is some help for the neophyte out there.


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