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The Process of Setting Up a Marquee


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With the wedding season getting ready to get into full swing from next month, many brides-to-be will be looking at tying up any loose ends they may have with their wedding, including the perfect wedding reception venue. Whilst a beautifully decorated Georgian house will look stunning in photos for years to come, it’s likely during the wedding season that their prices will be hiked up, meaning cuts will have to be carried out on other areas of the wedding. One way to avoid this is by holding a wedding reception in a marquee Birmingham which can be erected virtually anywhere, as long as permission is granted.

A marquee guarantees to provide a quality location for any event, whether a wedding, party or corporate event. But setting up a marquee isn’t just as case of hiring the marquee and putting it up in a field. Instead there are various precautions which need to be taken into consideration and below is a brief guide of the main points you should take into consideration.

1) Whatever size of the marquee you’re hiring, it’s vital that you find a location which is not only flat and level, but is also big enough to accommodate the size of marquee that you’re hiring. A guide to remember is that for any marquee you’ll need a gap of at least six metres between the top and any overhead cables; whilst for a pole marquee, you’ll require a ground area which offers at least 2 metres space all around for the guide ropes and stakes.

It’s also important that when installing the stakes into the ground that there are no pipes below which could become damaged.

2) Once you’ve ensured that the area the marquee is to be pitched is flat and large enough, it’s also recommend to set up the marquee within easy access for caterers, DJs or any other entertainment that have been hired for the event.

3) If you require electricity within the marquee, you should avoid cables running from the power source, along the ground and to the marquee. Instead it’s recommended to hire a generator for placement nearby. Although this will be an extra cost to incur, it is a far safer option.

By following these three steps when setting up a marquee Birmingham you’ll help to limit to chances of any unnecessary accidents occurring or the marquee becoming damaged. However, if you’re still unsure of whether the location is suitable, your local marquee providers will be able to advise and offer steps on how to fully set up a marquee.


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Why You Should Use A Marquee Hire For Corporate Events
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