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The Top 6 Benefits of a Destination Wedding


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Ever since they were little girls, most women often try to envision what their wedding day will look like. Will it take place in the church she grew up being a member of, or will it be a different church altogether? Then she will ask herself if the wedding will even take place in her own state.

From the outset, destination weddings can seem like more work to pull off than a traditional wedding. However, once the bride and groom to be begin researching destination weddings, they soon realize that not only is a destination wedding doable, but it is also often more convenient in many ways than a traditional wedding.

Here are the top six reasons why many brides and grooms choose destination weddings.

1. Less Decision Making

Believe it or not, moving the wedding out of state often requires less work from the bride and groom. A destination wedding will often occur at a resort, a friend or family’s property, or any other place where many of the intricate details will already be taken care of.

In these types of weddings, intricate details like the food, drink, seating arrangements, order of events of the ceremony, choice of pastor, activities before and after the wedding, etc. , are already taken care of. Often times the bride and groom select pre-arranged options and that is it. They make their decisions and the wedding coordinator of the destination wedding makes it a reality.

2. Turn Wedding into an Adventure (More Activities)

Let’s face it - a wedding on the West Coast is probably going to be more memorable to everyone involved than a wedding in the Midwest. Not only is the setting beautiful, but their will usually be many adventurous activities the bridal party and the wedding guests can enjoy before or after the wedding, such as shopping, hot air balloon rides, parasailing, cliff diving, golfing, boating, etc.

These extra activities offered usually only at a destination wedding can mean the difference from turning one’s wedding from “run of the mill” to completely unforgettable.

3. Weather is Often Better

Having a fall wedding in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Washington can be asking for trouble. Nobody wants their wedding in the middle of a snow storm, and surely nobody wants to attend a wedding in those conditions.

4. Can Be More Intimate (Most Guests Won’t Come)

The bride and groom to be have to really make some hard decisions when it comes to how many people they want at their wedding, who to invite and who to leave out. Everyone has acquaintances , co-workers, family friends, etc. , that they feel like they should invite the wedding, but their wedding budget doesn’t allow for all of the guests they would prefer.

A destination wedding quickly eliminates this predicament. The people who come to the wedding are often the bride and groom’s family and closest friends. This is ideal because it allows the wedding to be more intimate and the bride and groom aren’t stuck deciding which people to invite and not invite.

5. All-Inclusive Destination Weddings are Often Cheaper for the Bride and Groom

Yes, it’s true. Buying an all-inclusive wedding package from one source is often cheaper than paying for individual items and services from dozens of different professionals. Furthermore, less people at the wedding means less food, drinks, wedding favors, invitations, etc. , meaning the savings are passed on to the bride and groom.

The biggest reason, however, that a destination wedding can be cheaper than a traditional wedding, is…

6. The Bride and Groom are Already on Their Honeymoon

Traditional weddings often cost thousands of dollars, and that doesn’t even include the price of the honeymoon, which is another several thousand dollars. This expense doesn’t exist in a destination wedding because the bride and groom combine their wedding and honeymoons together.


As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to get married at a destination wedding. Perhaps the best and most obvious reason, however, is spending the most important day of your life in paradise.

If this describes how you envision your wedding day, consider for a wedding you will cherish for the rest of your lives.


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