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Best Man Jokes: Deliver It with Charm, Grace and Full Sense of Humor


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If you’ve been asked to be a best man in a wedding then a big congratulations to you! Being a best man is such a great honor, even if guys generally equate best man to best man jokes. The mere fact that you’re being considered is already saying something. And when you get picked, it signifies that you’ve been a part of someone’s life… and a big part at that. Standing alongside the groom on the wedding day is saying a lot to your relationship with him and his bride. It only shows that you’ve been a part of their lives and would want to still be part of their future together.

Being a best man is really a great feeling. Now the only problem that men are having with this position is the nerve-wracking and most anticipated best man speech. If the speech itself is most anticipated, then what more of the best man jokes that are expected to be delivered? Too much pressure for a best man? Well, if truth be told, not really.
To help future best man with their best man jokes, and the general best man speech, read on:

The first thing that you need to do is to calm your nerves. When you’re calm during practices, you’ll more likely be calm on the day itself. That’s why you need to practice often, especially with the delivery of your best man jokes.

Second, choose your best man jokes wisely. Know when to cross and, more importantly, not to cross the line. A lot of best man and groom fight for real after the best man jokes were delivered. As a best man, it’s your responsibility to know just what to share in front of the guests, especially the family of the bride. You also have to remember your audience, you can’t just deliver green best man jokes when there are conservative grandparents around or worse children who are already curious about the “birds and the bees. ”

Third, practicing your speech can’t be stressed enough because you really need to practice to flawlessly deliver your best man jokes. Unless you’re doing best man jokes for a living or a resident comedy bar junkie then you really need to make an effort here. You don’t want your joke to be bypassed, right? Of course, even with nerves, you would want your best man jokes to be reciprocated with unadulterated cheers and laughter. When you practice your speech, also make sure that you have an audience so you can gauge their reactions. Let’s face it, sometimes not everyone jives with your sense of humor. So you must find affirmation that what you’re delivering is truly funny.

Lastly, make sure to enjoy the event and the time you’re going to say your piece. A lot of best man, especially the first timers, can’t fully enjoy the party if their time to speak hasn’t passed yet. If you think about your speech a lot, then you’ll more likely tremble and embarrass yourself in front of everyone. When you let loose and let the positivity of the wedding come to you, you’ll find it easier to say your speech.

Growing up, I was always known as the affluent speaker in my circle of friends. Everyone knows me as someone who can speak to anyone and make a fun and interesting conversation out of nowhere. That is probably why I am always being asked to give speeches with best man jokes at weddings, graduations, and celebrations of other kinds. My specialty is weddings.


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