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Green Wedding Invitations for the Eco-Friendly Couple

Faisal Farrukh

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Green houses gases, global warming, air pollution, landfills heaped with non-biodegradable products: no wonder Americans need to be earth conscious! With new problems facing our environment on a routine basis, it is important that everyone reduces their carbon footprint.

There is no better time than today to get smart about our planet’s peril – and your wedding is a splendid place to begin. Exchange your vows with your soul mate without emitting emissions, and you make tomorrow’s world a better place. Armed with a load of canvas shopping bags, you and your significant other can plan the wedding of your dreams without exasperating an already exhausted Mother Earth.

A Green Wedding Invitation with a Conscious

Here’s how you can select great wedding stationery that is (1) recyclable, (2) chic, (3) in your price range.

First of all, choose your theme and then select the style of wedding invitation that you want to send. There are a variety of environmentally friendly options out on the market today. Green brides and grooms can choose cards that are made from recycled paper, 100% cotton, seeded stationery that germinates when planted, or treeless invitations packed with awareness.

Like all other kinds of stationery, there are a variety of colors and patterns. Try to steer clear of any paper that has been heavily dyed. Despite the appeal of recycled paper, the chemicals put into the air during the dyeing process negate all the good that you are trying to do environmentally. Non-bleached cotton is often the best choice for clothing, and the same could be said about invitations. The rawer the material, the better it is for the earth.

Take your crusade even further by selecting a soy-based ink to use on the wedding invitations. Not only will the cards be easier to recycle, but printing will be a snap. The ink is available in a variety of bright, appealing colors and more economically sound than its competitors.

Making Your Eco-Friendly Green Wedding Invitations Stylish

Customize your message on your wedding invitations to include a fact about the environment. This information can be printed on the back of the wedding invitation. It could give the advantages of recycling or teach a person how to start a community garden. Whatever issue is the closest to your heart is the most appropriate to include on your wedding invitations.

Include a reusable fabric envelope for an extra special touch. Purchase them online or try your hand at creating them yourself. With a sewing machine, creating the little beauties takes no time at all. Address labels can be created by using ink-jet transfer paper. Use them like you would with any other iron-on. Print, press, and peel back the paper to reveal a one-of-a-kind piece of wedding stationery. This is a fun project to make with your bridesmaids, and it will surely be one of the most unique wedding invitations your guests receive.

Taking care of the environment is everyone’s responsibility, and you can start with your wedding invitations. Take it one step farther by having a green wedding today!

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