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The Beach Wedding - A Choice Decision

Jeanette Shinn

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When the time comes to mount a wedding the beach wedding theme is among the most popular. Most likely, if more people had access to the beach it would be far and away the most popular wedding style today.

And why not? The beach themed wedding is so romantic. To be married with the sound of the waves in the background and a backdrop of the grandeur of nature providing the decor is about as perfect a setting as one could hope for. Add the warm sun, the feel of the sand under the couple's feet, and the breeze gently flapping the bride's hair along with all their dearest friends and family at the beach were so many happy memories reside and it is no wonder a wedding on the beach is so popular.

Furthermore, couples often choose a beach wedding because it creates the opportunity to be less formal. After all, who wants to wear their most formal attire out onto the sand? Fortunately, the beauty of the setting alone makes that unnecessary. The result is that every detail can be less formal.

Assuming the local authorities allow beach weddings, planning for a beach wedding is directly affected by the location of the beach. Some beaches, though beautiful can be treacherous due to weather any time of the year. Others, like the gorgeous Oregon coast have a small summer window when it is relatively safe to mount a wedding. Move further south to California or Florida and the chances of finding reliable weather increases dramatically. Go to Hawaii and the odds are vastly in the couple's favor. That is why destination weddings in Hawaii are so very popular.

Planning a beach wedding can be a simple affair. After all, the informal nature of the beach itself will naturally inform many decisions to be made. For example, unless you import a runway and platform on to the beach, and local ordinances might prohibit such a move, high heels are out. Instead choose a flat or even a crystal or pearl barefoot sandal under your knee or ankle length wedding dress.

Because of the beauty of the coast line, in a beach wedding a couple can limit there use of flowers and other decorative options if they choose. Depending on how formal or informal the couple wishes their event to be, white chairs, a tent, and an archway might be desirable to help define the parameters of the ceremony and reception.

Perhaps the biggest issue to be considered when planning a beach wedding is how any food will interact with the warmth of the sun, the blowing sand, and any animal life. This includes the wedding cake. Since wedding cakes are iced in frosting they do not do well in the heat and insects are attracted to them. Likewise, we all know that certain foods spoil quickly in the heat.

The solution is to either choose to rent a banquet room in a local restaurant fronting the beach for the reception or to have any food brought down to the reception just in time for it to be served. This can be achieved through careful planning with the caterer, or by simply keeping everything in coolers stored in the shade until they are needed. It all depends on a couple's budget and how formal they want their affair to be.

Apart from these practical considerations, a beach wedding is a relatively simple way to mount a beautiful and memorable event. Virtually anything goes in such a casual atmosphere and that is good, because the whole point of throwing a wedding is to celebrate the beauty of their new life together.

Jeanette Shinn is a wedding professional with over a dozen years experience making dreams come alive. Find tips and accessories from beach and tropical themed wedding favors to message in a bottle wedding invitations at .


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