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Wedding Speeches Delivering a Memorable Best Man Wedding Speech


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Being asked to be the best man at a friend's wedding is an incredible honor, and chances are, you'll find that you will want to take your duties very seriously.   In times past, the best man had to help the groom fight through the bride's relatives to kidnap her, so be happy that all you have to worry about is the wedding speech.   A best man wedding speech is something that does require a lot of thought, and if you are not sure what to do, or you are nervous about speaking in public, take the time to keep the following tips in mind.

The first thing to remember is that you want to keep the wedding speech clean.   It is true that best men have a certain reputation for embarrassing the groom, but keep it in front of the friends who can take it.   Don't cause a rift by telling a joke that is a little to risqué for the bride's mother, and do not under any circumstances embarrass the bride herself!  Keep it clean; you can still be funny, but leave the obscene humor for much, much later in the evening, or better yet, get it out of your system at the bachelor party!

Think about your first memory of the bride and the groom as a couple.   Could you see where they were going, and are you surprised that they got to where they are now?  What did you feel when they you were told that they were going to get married?  If these emotions are fairly flattering on all accounts, go ahead and share them with everyone in the wedding speech.   You'll find that there are many memories that you can share, and that many of the guests will be hearing it for the first time.

Remember that no one wants to listen to a long speech, especially at a party, so don't worry if your speech feels short.   Just over a minute or two is a good length, and remember that if you can't think of a way to close it that you can always propose a toast, which will get you plenty of applause and an opening to sit down.   If you have the time and the memory, memorize your wedding speech; this is always a lot better than one that is read.

Stay clearheaded, don't drink until every single one of your best man duties is done, and you'll find that giving a great best man wedding speech is simple.

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