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10 Romantic Ways to Propose and Make Her Cry With Happiness


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So you've found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. You're sure she's “The One, " and you know you'll make each other very happy. Congratulations! Finding the right person to settle down with is no easy feat.

But now you still have to pop the question. You don't want to gloss over this part-many women dream about this moment, and you want to make it as beautiful and romantic as possible. If you need ideas, here's a list of romantic ways to propose:

1. A candlelit dinner
This is a classic. Ignore the naysayers who'll tell you that this is uncreative and boring. You just can't go wrong with making a nice dinner for your loved one or taking her out to eat at a fancy restaurant. Add some roses, candles, champagne, and you'll create a beautiful night to remember.

2. Propose where you first met
This may not be a good idea if the two of you met at a Laundromat, but this is a good option if you bumped into each other at the park. Set it up by talking about the first time you met, then describe the moment when you knew you were in love with her. Then bend down on one knee and ask her to make you the happiest man in the world.

3. Propose on horseback
I can't imagine there are many women who can resist the idea of their knight in shining armor riding to them on horseback and proposing marriage. Take a horseback ride together, or arrange a time and place where you can ride up to meet her.

4. On the beach
Few settings are more romantic than a fiery sunset at a beach, especially if it's complete with vivid blue water and swaying palm trees. She will never forget that moment.

5. Romantic picnic
Pick out a perfect place for a romantic picnic, preferably a place that's beautiful and secluded. Near a waterfall, perhaps, or by a lake, or underneath a majestic tree. Prepare a picnic basket-don't forget to bring some champagne!

6. Fireworks
Beautiful lights exploding in the night sky can create the perfect setting for a memorable marriage proposal. You can do it on the 4th of July, or you can try to arrange a fireworks display yourself. See if you can contract someone to do a fireworks show that will flash the words “Will You Marry Me?" against the night sky.

7. Romantic getaway
Plan a romantic weekend getaway to a nice hotel or a bed & breakfast. You can choose a favorite vacation spot that you both love, or try something exotic such as a trip to the Caribbean. On the last day of your trip together, pop the question.

8. A flying banner
This will definitely catch her by surprise. Arrange an airplane to fly above you, dragging behind a banner that asks her to marry you.

9. Romantic serenade
Warm up to your marriage proposal by singing a romantic song or reciting a love poem. It's even better if you write the song or poem yourself, but not necessary. Even if you can't carry a tune in a bucket, it's still one of the most romantic ways to propose. Serenade her outside her window, or at a fancy restaurant, or even when you're having a nice meal at home.

10. Propose over the radio
Arrange to propose to her over a radio station that you know she'll be listening to. Plan a special message you want to say (nothing that will embarrass her), and have the station play a special song that has meaning for both of you.

A word of warning: Don't propose unless you're confident that the answer will be “yes. " If she hasn't seriously entertained the idea of marriage, you could be in for an evening filled with heartbreak. It would be just as bad if she accepted your proposal only because she felt too guilty to turn you down.

Make sure you know that she's truly the right one for you. Too many marriages end in divorce, and it's often because couples failed to ask enough pre marriage questions about important issues such as money, children, religion, politics, goals, etc. Get your copy of 1000 Questions for Couples , or get free advice at .


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