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Wedding Speeches - Give a Great Wedding Speech With These Tips

Benjamin Robert Ehinger

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It is quite the task for the best man and the maid of honor to get up in front of the bride and grooms friends and family and give a great wedding speech. The job of giving the speech is a huge responsibility and can cause you a lot of stress and nervousness. You will have to not only find a way to connect with the bride and the groom, but you will also have to keep the attention of many people that you might not even know. Here are some tips to help you give great wedding speeches.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you know the wedding guests that are there. If you know less than half the people there, then you need to go ahead and start by introducing yourself to the guests. Next, you will have to talk a little bit about how you know the groom and the family of the groom.

Next, you should not be winging your speech. The speech should be written and practiced ahead of time so that you will not be as nervous as if you just get up there and give a speech. There should be some research done so that you know about the couple. Find out how the met, what they have in common, and how the feel for each other. You can even find out some small story about both of them to use in your speech if you want.

There should be some humor to your speech. This could be a story about the couple or a joke that fits in with the couple. Just make sure it is actually funny and not just an eye roller that is going to get you no response from the guests. Also, make sure it is not something that is going to humiliate anybody that will be there because that would be a disaster.

Make sure you do not get drunk before giving the speech because this could be a very bad thing. We all tend to say things that we do not mean to say when we are drunk. Wait until after the speech to get drunk if you plan to and make sure you are in control of yourself while giving your speech.

The last thing you need to do is end in a happy and hopeful way that wishes the couple a happy and healthy marriage. You need to have a champagne glass in your hand while giving the speech and make sure to toast the couple at the end. The bride and the groom should both close your speech with a cheers.

Wedding speeches can be very stressful and if you do not like getting up in front of groups, then you will probably be nervous. You can write your speech ahead of time and make sure to rehearse it over and over to help your nerves. Regardless if you follow these tips you will be able to give a great wedding speech.

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