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Unique Bachelorette Party Invitations For Bachelorette Party Celebrations


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Bachelorette party invitations are a great way for the bride-to-be to let her girlfriends know she wants to spend some time with them before her big day. The parties, and generally the party invitations are far more relaxed than bridal showers and don't usually revolve around a particular theme. This can make them much easier to plan but it can also leave one wondering how to design the event, including creating the bachelorette party cards.

They should be kept light and fun. Instead of focusing on a theme, one can design the invitations based on what activities will be done at the party. For instance, if it is going to be held at a pub or bar, they can be in the shape of a martini glass. Or if at someone's house and the guests will just be relaxing and having some refreshments, they could be in the shape of a cheese plate or a wine glass.

The party invitations verses, sayings or wordings can also be kept light and fun. You can print on the cards something along the lines of, “it's won't be long ‘til she's no longer a bachelorette; come to the party and celebrate with Jeanette. " Wording verses can also be something as simple as, “come spend some time with Karen before her big day!" The point of the sayings should simply show that it's a party to celebrate, and formalities are unnecessary.

For something very simple, you can create a simple card. These are approximately the same size as postcards and can have the bride-to-be's picture on the front, or something else relating to her or where the party will be held. On the back are the details. They will not include a response card so make sure to include details of how people can rsvp.

Guests don't generally bring gifts; that's usually reserved for the bridal shower. But if they do, it's an absolute must to ensure that they receive thank you cards. These cards can also be kept simple and the design can even be the same, with just some of the wordings changed. It can also be a good idea to send thank you cards simply to thank the guests for coming.

Bachelorette cards don't need to be looked at as one more wedding chore. This is a fun party and the personalized party invitations should be kept just as fun. They can be very simple and in the form of either. This is really a chance for the bride to get away from the stresses of wedding planning and just hanging out with her friends. The invitations, party cards and thank you cards should reflect that.

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