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The One Problem You Never Expected With Your Wedding Favors


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One mistake that every bride-to-be dreads is not having enough of something for the reception, whether it's not enough chairs for everyone or enough gas in the limo to get there in the first place. How embarrassing it would be for the guests to be told that you've run out of soda and they need to hit the drinking fountain for the rest of the evening!

But happily most brides find that if they make any mistake it's in purchasing too much of anything. Despite all the RSVPs you receive there are usually at least a few people that don't show, leaving you with extra food, soda, and even wedding favors.

It's very tempting to just toss out the food and soda and even the wedding favors; after all, when the reception is over a bride is in a hurry to get to the honeymoon and has so many other things to think about! But really, what a waste that would be. So how to take care of these items when you've got so many other things to take care of?

One good thing to keep in mind when planning your wedding is asking a few volunteers to stay until the end and make sure that everything is taken care of - the deejay has removed all of his or her equipment, the rented linens are folded up appropriately, leftover food is bagged up, and those extra wedding favors are gathered up as well. But once all the food, beverages, and wedding favors are wrapped up, then what?

If you have extra wine or champagne, of course you can have that brought to your own home to keep but usually it's a good idea to use these bottles as gifts for those who've helped you during the day, or for honored guests such as grandparents, your father's boss, and so on. Before the wedding check with local soup kitchens to see if they can take donations of your leftover or extra food. Each has different rules about what they can and cannot take. If nothing else, be sure to freeze whatever you can so that nothing goes to waste. Again, plan this before your wedding by asking around as to who could take these things home rather than waiting to try to handle it as the reception winds down to a close.

And as for leftover wedding favors , this will depend on the type you choose but they can often work as great gifts sometime down the road. If you have candles or any type of kitchen gadgets as your wedding favors, they can be used as hostess gifts the next time you're invited to someone's house for dinner. Edible items can be handed out to coworkers that you couldn't invite. And if you purchased any type of fun and funky items such as heart-shaped calculators, bookmarks, or highlighters, these can be donated to a school, children's hospital, or other such place that will appreciate them.

The important thing is to make a plan for these things before the wedding; work this into your schedule and list of responsibilities and ask your friends as well for suggestions. Once you start putting some thought into it you may come up with some creative ideas yourself about what to do with the leftover items rather than just let them clog landfills or go down the garbage disposal!

Linda Ellison is a freelance writer who specializes in trends and lifestyles. Her previously published fiction works, including the Dana Ford Mystery Series, have been on bookshelves nationwide. Visit to read more about the latest trends in wedding favors.


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