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How To Write Your Civil Wedding Vows In Six Easy Steps


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Most people (especially professional writers) will tell you that writing is not always easy. If you're unaccustomed to writing as an expression of your ideas and feelings, writing something as important as your wedding vows can seem an intimidating task.

But don't lose hope yet! While there's no way to guarantee you'll write vows to last the ages, there are ways to make the writing process easier for yourself and your fiancé. In fact, there are six of them:

1. Gather your ideas.

Before you try to write anything, get some scratch paper and write down everything you can think about your love affair, your courtship, and now the promise of your new marriage. We mean everything - the good stuff and even the stuff that sounds silly or sappy. This is the raw material you'll lose later.

2. Narrow the list down.

From this huge, sprawling list, take ten ideas you like the most. They'll form a rough working outline of your first draft.

3. Set the tone.

With all your ideas out of your head, think about the tone, or mood, you want to set with your vows. Is it happy? Romantic? Maybe a combination of both? If you compare writing to cooking, the tone is the seasonings of your vows, while the words are like the ingredients.

4. Paint a picture with imagery.

Imagery is the use of words to show an audience something rather than just state that it happened. It's the difference between, “he cried" and “tears rolled down his face. "

Use imagery to paint a picture with your words, describing your love and your hope for the future. This make your vows more vivid to the audience and more appreciated by your fiancé.

5. Build your vows with a solid structure.

Structure is the order in which you arrange your vows. Do you want to speak of your love first and your happiness second? Do you want to tell a story at the beginning to illustrate your devotion? Think about what you want to say in your vows, and what's important. Then, work on putting the parts together so that they flow smoothly.

6. Practice reading your vows aloud.

Once you've got everything written out as you want it, practice saying your vows aloud many times. As you read, you'll hear that some wording sounds better than others, and also what should be changed.

Remember it's okay to change the wording and even the basic structure around as much as you want. When you're satisfied, you can begin rehearsing it for your “debut performance. " Good luck!

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