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5 Simple Steps to Making Your Own Cheap Wedding Favors


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If you think it's just too overwhelming to create and assemble your own cheap wedding favors, don't! Any bride can save herself literally hundreds of dollars if she follows these few simple steps needed to create and assemble wedding favors on her own. With a little bit of planning and effort, you'll find that you can do it too.

Step #1 - Decide your wedding favors budget.

Even when planning on assembling or making your own cheap wedding favors, you still need an idea of how much money you can spend. Let's say that you have 200 guests and you want to spend less than $1 for each, so you have a budget of $200. That's not a bad amount to spend on cheap wedding favors, and should be enough to let you make some very beautiful items.

Step #2 - Start early!

Making your own cheap wedding favors is going to involve a bit more planning, shopping, and work than if you simply picked out favors from a company online. Don't wait until the week before your wedding to make plans or to start shopping. As a matter of fact, you should probably start today, no matter how far off your wedding is! This way you'll be sure to finish and have your favors done in time for your big day, and keep yourself from some undue stress.

Step #3 - Decide what type of favors you want.

For cheap wedding favors, the best ideas usually involve buying something in bulk such as chocolates or Jordan almonds, and then assembling them into take-home packets of some sort. It might also mean purchasing less expensive items and then dressing them up somehow, such as small picture frames or boxes of bonbons that you wrap in silver wrapping.

The decision of which cheap wedding favors you select will be tied in with your budget. If you decide on those small boxes of bonbons, you need to figure the price of the chocolates, the wrapping paper, and anything else you need to put them together. If you want those Jordan almonds in take-home bags, you need to add up the cost of the almonds, the bags, and anything you use to tie the bags with, or personalized labels if you use those. It helps to do some comparison shopping for different ideas you have for cheap wedding favors, and then you can look at the costs for each item and make your decision from there.

Step #4 - Enlist some help.

Your bridesmaids and maid of honor may already be doing a lot of work for you to get ready for the big day, but you probably will need some help when it comes time to actually prepare those cheap wedding favors. It's too easy to assume that you can just zip through an assembly line of chocolate and bags and whatever else, but you'd be surprised how much time these things can take, and how frustrated you get. If your friends are already at their limit with responsibilities, ask your future mother-in-law or future sister-in-law or even the flower girls, if they're old enough. Chances are they would love to pitch in for an evening and see what they can get done.

Step #5 - Make your plan, and stick to it.

Some people are just very hypercritical of their own work, and it's easy to start panicking and assume that your guests will know that these are cheap wedding favors or that you should have opted for something else. But remember, your guests will probably be happy with whatever you choose to give them, and chances are you're just feeling nervous overall. Relax, work through your plan, and reassure yourself that your choice of favors is the right one.

Linda Ellison is a freelance writer who specializes in trends and lifestyles. Her previously published fiction works, including the Dana Ford Mystery Series, have been on bookshelves nationwide. Visit to read more about the latest trends in wedding favors.


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