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Planning Your Wedding Day All By Yourself The Three Ring Wedding Binder Way

Nily Glaser

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Imagine! A simple three ring binder that will serve as your wedding planner, hold all your wedding planning instruments and become a cherished family wedding keepsake. Sounds interesting?
Ruth used it and wrote the following:
WOW! My fiance says that I am creative, but the truth is that I am a very disorganzed person. Reading your article about the 3 ring wedding binder system, kept me on track. My fiance and I, without a wedding coordinator, planned our dream wedding. It was indeed a dream wedding and went without a hitch. How can we thank you?

The Secret of the 3 ring wedding binder

It should not be a secret but it seems to be. We have interviewed quite a few brides and grooms, only to find out that most, no matter what their budget, couple wedding with fancy. Since it is so obvious and so simple, the majority never considered using a 3 ring binder when planning their weddings.
Using a 3 ring binder for your wedding planning, affords you an easy way to be organized keeping all your wedding information in one place. It also saves you money, time and aggravation. 3 ring binders can accommodate anyone as they are available with various spine widths from ½ an inch to 3 inches. Choose the one that is right for you.

It will eventually become a wedding keepsake. so, you may wish to purchase a 3 ring binder that has a top window for a pretty cover or your wedding picture.
In the folder, place top insert plastic sheet protectors to serve as pockets for all the wedding-related papers you've accumulated. You may wish to place a few business card holder pages in your binder, for fast access to contact information. Additionally, insert dividers and a 3 hole zippered pocket for pen, pencils, paper clips, etc. . .

Mark the divider tabs with the wedding related category such as: Bridal Gown, Ceremony Site, Reception Site, Catering, Photography etc. . .
Place the most active or most current in front, so that each topic will have a specific area in the binder allowing you quick referencing and retrieval.
Print helpful articles and insert them into the appropriate categories. You'll be glad you did!
In addition to sections dedicated to vendors, professionals and service providers, you need to allocate sections to important aspects such as:

  • A comprehensive wedding checklist
  • Wedding planning time table,
  • Favorite wedding web sites,
  • Do it yourself - make your own. . . . ,
  • Tips and ideas,
  • Recipes,
  • Crafts and decorations,
  • Guest replies,
  • gift lists for pre wedding gifts and for wedding gifts, so you can send appropriate Thank You notes.
  • E-mail address and phone numbers of all your bridal attendants,
  • Seating charts,
  • A print-out of your registry,
  • Lists of thank you notes you need to send - sent,
  • Lists if gifts you want to give family, attendants and other important people,
  • And even fabric swatches for wedding attire and or decorations.

    To benefit from your 3 ring binder be sure to:

  • label each category and each section
  • Place new papers or new information in the correct pocket of the correct section of your binder as soon as you receive them.
  • Clean your binder once a month. Toss any information that is no longer relevant. Keeping it will clutter your binder and cause unnecessary confusion.

    Keep your main binder at home in a safe place. Do not take it with you to interviews.
    Use a separate binder divided into categories, in which you place all the information, including our articles and most importantly the questions to pose to each vendor, professional and service provider. Keep all the information you collected in any category in the section dedicated to it , so you can make educated decisions based on a comparison of the available packages, prices and services.

    Have fun and plan a professional wedding all by yourself. Enjoy!

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