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The Available Types of Cheap Wedding Favors


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Couples all over the world take utmost care in planning their wedding as this is the most important day of their life. Of all the necessary arrangements to be made for the wedding, wedding favors, as earlier, are now also finding prominence in the wedding checklist of most of the couples. A wedding favor given to the guests must be in such a way that the guests will remember the couples and their wedding days for years to come. But it is very difficult to go for the luxurious and expensive wedding favors for all the couples. So, a common couple will always try to go for a cheap wedding favor and nowadays there are plenty of options of wedding favors that falls well within the shoe string budget at the same time are fun and creative.

The cheapest among the different types of wedding favor is the edible wedding favors, which the couple can easily afford to give to their guests on their wedding day. The couples can hire someone to make these wedding favors or they can be done by the couples themselves. While using their own creativity, the couples can come up with many creative ideas for the guests to enjoy and relish the occasion. The most common among the cheap edible wedding favors are the fortune cookies, chocolates, lollipops etc. There are many bakeries that offer cheap and special wedding favors like special cupcakes, pastries and assorted biscuits. It will be easy for the couple to choose one that best suits their personality and style.

Many of the people prefer to give sugar cookies as their wedding favor. To add a personal touch to the cookies, the couples can have the sugar the same color as their wedding colors. Also proper wrapping of the sugar cookies will make the guests love every minute of their edible cheap wedding favor. The other type of cheap wedding favor with a personalized touch will be the lollipop that has the names of the couples and is made in unique shape and style. Some couples go for the special chocolates made from candy stores that are wrapped in wrappers with the name of the couples and their wedding date on them. This is a fun and a creative idea apart from being unique.

Another type of cheap wedding favors is to give the guests with customized mementos. The best memento will be the picture frame with the couple’s picture placed in them. This will be the best wedding favor that the couple can give their guests as they will be reminded of the wedding day and the function whenever they see the picture. The other forms of similar cheap wedding favors are shot glasses, a small jar of honey, plates and knick – knacks. Some people choose to give decorative candles or soaps to their guests as cheap wedding favors. But these types of wedding favors are slightly costlier than the candy and chocolate wedding favors.

Traditional candy wedding favors are another source of cheap wedding favors which have been entertaining the guests for many decades. Jordan almonds hidden in a candy shell is the most traditional candy wedding favor. It is presumed that the Jordan almond candies sweet coating is supposed to be stronger than the bitterness of the nut inside, with a reminder that there should be lot of sweetness than bitterness in any marriage. Whatever, be the type of cheap wedding favors that one chooses, one has to make sure that the chosen wedding favor is the perfect one that will make the wedding day even more special.

Cheap Wedding Favors can be great, the fact that they are not expensive does not mean that people will think less of them, in fact sometime guests don’t even know these are Inexpensive Wedding Favors , learn how to optimize your wedding favors at


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Some Great Trends in Cheap Wedding Favors
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