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Boyfriend like to smell my stockings and shoes

Liu Rui

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Boyfriend like to smell my stockings and shoes I'm going crazy
He regarded often bring home friends to play mahjong, play video games, and made foul the room, along with her boyfriend likes to read books, read a direct throw fell down asleep in bed, lost mess all over the place (even toilet), a long time that was related to books piled up the hill Side, to work with him last night in bed feeling very uncomfortable.

Although I am not a great beauty, but also considered good-looking, 24-year-old, tall . More than half a year along with her boyfriend, feeling quite well, although he kind of short, looks like a general. Ever since he met me after a lot of law-abiding than ever before, most of our time together, and he often go shopping with me, never Hanlei.

But as we stay together a long time, I found some quirks in his life more and more, from the beginning to enjoy my feet like the smell of my stockings and shoes, and finally middle of the night secretly behind my back went to the roof to the other women sniffing underwear just good sun, good times to be found next door to female compatriots, they all have to run to me and complain. These Fetish boyfriend so I feel very sick. I said several times he can not change, so they asked him why he would always try to avoid, stammered like your woman's taste, this can bring excitement to him, listening to, will really be his mad. Because of this, we quarreled several aircraft. However, this no problem, even more difficult to accept that . . . . . .

Happened to run into her boyfriend recently laid off, and he is one of the very depressing to say, playing after that, her boyfriend's character has become depressed, become a bit macho, and the past, the publicity has become a rambling, than I have to get up early every day, playing games against the computer or with friends falling in love, one sat down all day long, and sometimes can eat out. Worst of all, her boyfriend began to pay attention to hygiene, do not change clothes without a shower, every time that he, and he said pay attention to environmental protection, the whole person Xipixiaolian, if ambiguous, and heterosexual friends together, put my words when the ear. Although it was gas, but there is no way to get him, a lot of friends back home when he regarded to play mahjong, play video games, and made foul the room, along with her boyfriend likes to read books, read in bed, fell down directly to lost sleep, lost mess all over the place (even the toilet), a long time that was related to books piled up the hill Side, to work with him last night in bed feeling very uncomfortable.

Yesterday, while he went out drinking with friends the gap, finishing out the room and found a mess of the bed are there are some things under the bed found several spent TT, then, was a little scared. I'm just over the past few days Da Yima, and her boyfriend had to fight from half a month since the resignation did not touch me, how could TT. Does he really get from online friends with those who go on line, but this can not ah, listening to her boyfriend that those users are almost the opposite sex who are married, and can call the kind of aunt, I am now more they want The more the brain disorder, I do not know how to do?

I'm really upset last night, I want to ask her boyfriend to see him a smiling look, just say the words out there and swallowed, but he came back to open the computer and sitting in front of the computer chatting with friends pull up, I really a bit fed up, are there any close friends to help me advise, how can I do?

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