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How to Make a Girl Laugh - You Have to Learn This in Order to Get a Girl to Like You

Omar Negron

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Let me be the first to tell you, if you are nervous when having to talk to a girl you may have never met, you are normal! It has happened to me many times before. It's also pretty intimidating because she may not be alone and may have some of her friends around her. I always wanted to find out how to make a girl laugh because I knew that is what they truly wanted.

Also here is a tip, don't listen to what most of your friends tell you to do. Most likely they don't know how to get girls either.

What funny pickup lines will do is make them want to talk to you because they will relate you to being fun. Thus they will begin to enjoy your company. There are many ways to try to start a conversation with a women.

There are many times you see something happen very funny in the street. Maybe someone may trip or anything else a bit comical. This is the perfect time to go in and make try a conversation starter. You already have something to talk about, that funny event. That is the ice breaker and after that speaking with them should be easy. Having a funny and upbeat attitude will show her you are a nice guy and have a convincingly positive attitude.

Don't try to be a hard core comedian, but always remember that humor will keep things less weird between the two of you. Everyone loves laughing and she is no different.

Never forget who are really are. I sometimes watch normal guys try to turn into studs when they are talking to girls. They make their voice much deeper and try to keep a serious face. Why do they do this? It is a crazy tactic that will never work. Most girls have seen all the fake acts already, don't add on to it. You will be amazed on what being yourself will do. Right from the get go, you seem original because you are separating yourself from hundreds of other guys she sees everyday.

Remember being totally funny will not make her fall in love with you. But these are great things to break the ice which is the scariest thing for most guys. Once the ice is broken, the sky is the limit!

Omar Negron has been studying the art of attracting women and realizes the common mistake most men make. Did you know that 99% of men get turned down by women everyday? To find out how to avoid this from happening to you and pick up FREE Secret Guides To Getting Women visit his blog at


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