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4 Great Conversation Starters For Meeting Women

Alex R Coulson

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1. Be yourself. Act naturally

The hardest thing to do when starting a conversation with a woman is to relax and be yourself. Believe it or not, though, this is what works best. If you're relaxed you don't have to be concerned about how you'll be perceived. The woman will either enjoy your company or she wont’. If she doesn't enjoy the real you then starting a conversation will not achieve the desired result because eventually you'll relax and be yourself anyway. Might as well be yourself right away.

2. Be funny.

Everyone likes to laugh. If you make someone laugh you make them feel good. If there's anything a woman likes it is to feel good. You can memorize 3 really good jokes to have on hand. You can also ask yourself in any given situation where the irony is that can be turned into something funny. Making a woman laugh lowers the natural guarded attitude she has toward men. It shows her that you're not a threat and that you can be trusted. It forms an almost instant bond between you that can be used as a foundation to continue the conversation.

3. Use a sincere compliment

The key here is sincerity. If you're not sincere this will blow up in your face. Look for something about the woman to compliment. Her clothes, her hair, the dog she's walking, the neighborhood she lives in, her smile, the color of her eyes, anything. Ask yourself what it is that's attracting you to her. Then ask yourself if it's something that you can compliment her on without making her feel uncomfortable.

4. Offer to help

When you offer to help you make yourself a servant and that's not always a good thing. It can cause you to be perceived as week. But if you give a reason studies have shown that people embrace the reason even if it's not a good reason. Make the offer of help and be sure to have a reason ready as to why you're making the offer to help. In this way you will come across as secure and confident and won't be perceived as weak.

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