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How to Approach a Woman For Those Who Dont Know


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The silliness of men looking for advice on how to approach a woman, after all these years, still hasn't been lost on me. It sounds like the kind of question you expect a thirteen year old boys to be asking, but not full grown men. But this is the screwed up dating world we live in and all most people can do is roll with the punches. This article isn't about that, it's about more than just going with the flow; this is about insight into how to approach a woman.

It's not uncommon for grown men to be Google searching “how to approach a woman" because there is a big unbalance between the sexes, power, what your mother told you, and the truth behind it all. If you were born a hundred thousand years ago then you might have come equipped with the knowledge of how to approach a woman properly, but in modern days it's a lot more complex. Of course, the truth is that it really isn't as complex as you think.

Women are still hardwired to be attracted to the same things in a man. Men are still inclined towards polygamy and dominating their social ladder. Things really haven't changed all that much. The big change which leads men to not know how to approach a woman is something I like to call “Wussification". Society successfully suppressed your caveman instincts, and your mother most likely made you a sheepish doormat for every woman alive because that is what society thinks is best and what your mother thinks is best. It isn't best for you and it isn't best for the mating world.

This little article won't help much but here goes some much needed help: how to approach a woman

1. Know that you don't need her (this will make you calmer)

2. Use alpha male body language (whatever makes you the most comfortable person in the room)

3. Make an innocuous comment while assuming this interaction won't impact your life (like she assumes)

4. Demonstrate the right characteristics (be different, interesting, confident, and the rest)

5. Get her contact information or whatever it is you're up to

That's an oversimplification of how to approach a woman and it is so for this reason: most men are so starved for any advice they can get that they will readily grasp at straws or in this case articles. I used to be the same way. I learned it wasn't difficult to learn how to approach a woman with the right tools and help.

If you want to really take control of dating in your life and take the mystery out of what to do and say then you need to go one step further than reading random online articles. You can learn all you need to know about how to approach a woman in a very short time-and learn much more stuff that will change your life- get started today

how to approach a woman

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