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Approach a Woman in 6 Steps


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If you want to learn the right way to approach a woman than this article will show you in detailed step by step format. This is all very basic and primitive but beggars can't be since most people aren't even on this level yet I thought it would be a good place to begin.

How to approach a woman in 6 steps:

1. Be confident before you start

2. Start by asking her opinion on something interesting/ giving your opinion on something interesting/ observing something/ asking a question/ anything will do. The first thing you say doesn't matter as much as the first minute you talk.

3. Have good body language. Women will sense weakness from the tiniest of things. Make sure to maintain relaxed eye contact and a relaxed posture that indicates you are completely in your comfort zone. That means when you approach a woman you should be more relaxed than she is-at least on the outside.

4. After a few seconds discussing your opener you should have the goal of connecting with her on a superficial level.

5. While you do this you keep displaying how interesting/different/not needy/alpha male you are. This is the main course in the meal of approaching a woman.

6. Be the first to mention that you have some place better to be and suggest you continue the conversation further- this is the last step to how to approach a woman- you get her contact information.

Most guys ask for a number, but if you know how to approach a woman correctly, you can easily tell if she want to give you her number and suggest something to make her readily give you her information without you having to ask.

It wouldn't hurt if you took some time to think of some ways to convey your personality best. In short conversations the key is learning how to convey who you are through body language, tone, and content as quickly as possible. And don't think that the next time you approach a woman your efforts will go unnoticed.

If an article on how to approach a woman isn't enough, and you want to know how the whole dating game works then now is the perfect time to start. Great information is being released and even more revolutionary techniques are being used and more advanced understanding is being found. The fact is the dating game can be boiled down to a science. get started today


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