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Sexy Hypnosis Tricks You Can Try Today Become More Powerfully Erotic Immediately


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In this article we are going to tackle how you can incorporate the magic and mystery of hypnosis to become SEXIER and more appealing to members of the opposite sex. The truth is, while learning conversational hypnosis holds MANY fascinating benefits for the student, one of the most POPULAR is undoubtedly learning to become scintillating and sexy. . . EVEN when you don't appear quite that way on the outside. (like myself for example!) So continue reading as we examine a few simple and sexy hypnosis tricks you can learn IMMEDIATELY to be the MAN (or woman. . :-) with your Amore's everywhere! Read on. . .

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Conversational hypnosis is the art and science of placing powerful layers of reinforcement and reward in the percipients subconscious mind. Often, you will find pieces and parts of this science in NLP and other lesser known cognitive sciences. The power in this approach is simply to use POSITIVE language cues in conversation with someone you are interested in. . . but who may not necessarily RECIPROCATE the feeling. (at least at first. . :-)

Positive suggestion is the key here for sure. Let's look at a VERY basic example.

"Going to a Movie Together Would be Fun". . . is MUCH different to the subconscious mind of the subject than - “Want to See a Movie?"

Again - " You and I would Have a Great Time at the Yankees Game Tonight" is FAR different than. . . do you like baseball? Want to Join Me for the Game?"

The mind, according to the man who codified the original conversational hypnosis techniques, works powerfully in GRAVITATING to positive reinforcements, and actually, well below the surface. . . ACTIVELY seeks and moves to YES answers, rather than NO'S.

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It's quite simple. Look at the above examples, and start integrating more POWERFUL sets of subliminal suggestion, and then incorporate them into your daily conversational cues. (when appropriate of course. . . :-) This is a very powerful form of SELF CONFIDENCE as it totally negates the need to be aggressive, pushy and annoying. It makes you, simply stated, POWERFUL and attractive. . . and you will find OPEN doors where they used to shut QUICKLY in your face.

And remember, to become POWERFULLY magnetic should be the aspiration of EVERY man (or woman) who simply wants to SUCK all of the JOY and juice out of life and eat from the fruits of unlimited power, PASSION and potential. I believe we are EACH given the ability to focus our MINDS, and our desires on that which we DESPERATELY wish to achieve, and that THIS is the fundamental truth and promise that hypnosis holds for all who dare to indulge in it's secrets.

Unlocking your own hidden potentials , and freeing yourself from FEARS, phobias and unresolved issues is JUST the beginning. Once you learn the true key to how OTHER people's brains really tick, you will be able to effortlessly and ETHICALLY enter and occupy their mind space with CONFIDENCE and care, illuminating your own power, charisma and INFINITE appeal to all who gravitate to your space.

There is MAGIC in this world if you know where to look. . . . for the mind control expert the GATES are OPEN!


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