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Classroom Seduction: How to Flirt With Female Classmates

David Kingman

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One of the things that will make a male loses his concentration in class is when a particular girl is so pretty in his opinion. Are you the guy that I am talking about here? In this article, you will be learning about classroom flirting or how to flirt with your classmate.

Flirting in a classroom is much easier as conversations can start from every angle. It can be about a subject, gossips about other classmates, teachers and even rants about the school administration. Also, getting close to a girl which is your own classmate would not be seen by others as something lunatic, making both of you free from the awkwardness that comes when two individuals of opposite sex become too close.

How to Flirt with a Classmate - Classroom Flirting Tips #1 Eye Contact

Try to find a chance that allows eye contact with the girl. Perhaps she might not notice about it at first but once both vision meets, be sure to smile to her and maintain the eye contact for at least 3 seconds. This helps to plant a good impression of you in her heart. After a few times, you will find out whether she is really interested in you if she is always trying to have the same eye contact with you or not.

How to Flirt with a Classmate - Classroom Flirting Tips #2 Practice Proper Conversation Techniques

There are a few tips that you have to uphold when trying to flirt with a girl in your classroom. Do remember that the classroom is a public place. A girl will normally be shy when a guy who is not close to her is trying to hook her up into a conversation. Avoid dirty talks as it might embarrass the girl or get the attention of people around you. Also, try to be open and do not let her to have the feeling that you have bad intentions towards her. Basic dating tips such as paying attention to the details when she speaks will play a major role here as well.

How to Flirt with a Classmate - Classroom Flirting Tips #3 Avoid Flirting with Other Girls in School

Once she has a good impression about you, do not spoil the whole build up efforts by start flirting with another girl. A player can be easily discovered within a school or even within a community, especially if the girl is a bit outspoken and has a lot of friends. Try to focus on just one girl. Apart from this, try to make both of you alone instead of joining her girls gang because some girls will get jealous easily. To avoid all the nasty explanation and apologizing part, it is better for you to play things safe.

Flirting leads to seduction and seduction leads to the best things in life.

David Kingman is a seduction tips expert who is contributing all his knowledge about how to seduce a girl and seduction tips over at King of Seduction. Do read his blog if you want to learn more about seduction tips which you have never come across before on the Internet.


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