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Does the Peacock Always Get the Girl?


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So how much of your look contributes to your partners interest? Can you sway the dating game by a bit of hair dye and excessive accessories? How far will you push eyeliner to catch the date of your dreams?

But peacocking - as it's been dubbed by Mystery, the controversial host of the US reality TV show The Pick Up Artist - is spreading to the mere mortals in the male population.

Mystery, who has bright red lips tattooed on his neck, heavy black kohl, flouncy white shirts and old-style aviation goggles, explains his look as a way of seducing and ultimately, sleeping with the women he dates.

On his show, Mystery schools bookish, date-less blokes in the art of picking up - starting with dyeing their hair and dressing them in fur jackets and floppy Great Gatsby hats.

The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy team gave a light spit and polish - usually involving a bottle of moisturiser - to men who were looking either to impress on a first date or revive a flagging relationship. Mystery, on the other hand, is all about helping his protégés bed women on the first date.

'It's a mating jungle out there’ is his message, and the only way to win is to don plumage brighter and crazier than all the others.

But does it really work? Not surprisingly, peacocking has its fair share of critics,

"If you're not congruent with your look, what you wear will signal insecurity and a need for attention/validation, which will make women avoid you like the plague, " says one male blogger on

"Nothing's worse than getting a girl and then having her wonder why you have so many articles of female clothing in your closet, " he adds.

Amy, a 24-year-old flight attendant, said that while a peacock might be the first man to catch her eye at a party - and she wouldn't rule out sleeping with one - ultimately the idea of fighting over the bathroom mirror or her make-up bag didn't turn her on.

Xanthe, a 29-year-old chef, said: “My first serious date wore black nail polish, eyeliner and a Mohawk. He was masculine in every other way, but it was the combination of his muscular body and deep sexy voice with those feminine touches that made him irresistible to me. Now when I date someone I do wonder if they're the kind of guy I can picture myself walking down the aisle with. Or pushing a baby stroller without worrying about chipping their nail polish. "

So go for it guys. If you're a rock star, a Peter Pan, or if you're just after a casual date or a one-night stand, then feather up. But if it's a lasting relationship you're after, hold off on the eye shadow and leave the lip gloss to the girls.

Juliet Johnson is a dating authority from Partner4Real - an online dating website for singles who want to get real about dating. Partner4Real uses social networking tools that enable users to constantly upload hundreds of on-the-spot photos and videos via their mobile phones and email wherever they are, free of charge. Get Real about your date - no makeup required!


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